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Good day

You can check all my buildings and main information in my main information post here

TT is my main company that makes anything

FT is my car tuning project


I create different crafts, from helicopters to boats, from sportcars to jet fighters. Hate replicas in many cases because they kill creativity. SO ONLY FICTIONAL ONLY xHARDCOREx (not all understand). Like create stealth fighters, general aviation and elite cars because jast cars for beggars. In cars use many features as: smart 4wd, worcable gearbox, active aerodynamics, smart steering and etc etc etc for better realism.

Some information about me

  • Gender: male
  • Country: Russia, North Caucas Federal District
  • Age: 21
  • Nation: russkiy
  • Favorite music jenre: trallpunk, oi, ska, crust, hard rock, heavy metal, balkan disco lol

29.09.2020 217 place in players list
13.10.2020 211 place (Andrew Garrison after me, lol)
24.11.2020 207 place (push to 200?)
10.03.2021 182 place (push to 150?)
20.05.2021 174 place (really push to 150)

Previously known as superTT