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I'm very fond of 1950-1960 military planes and airliners, so i found this game very interesting for making fictional and replica models. Surprisingly, it is possible to make them fly quite realistically, game flight model allows for making really working flaps, interceptors and so on. I find most joy in making models with complex moving aerodynamic parts, like slotted flaps, interceptors, and make them work ingame the right way.

Somehow i decided to start from Tu-134 short haul airliner of 1970s as it have many relatives and similar planes among other Tupolev and a bit - Antonov airpalnes (the latter was a an employee of Andrey Tupolev for a long time, and it is noticeable for example in cockpit designs) thus it is possible to use bits and pieces of the original models, for example, earlier Tu-124 is basically the same plane with different tail and engine placement.

Current projects:
1) tu-114 and tu-95 - 80% and 50% - flexible wings - done! Landing gear -50%, tu-114 fuselage - 95, interior and cosmetics - 20%. Tu-95 cockpit - 5%)))
2) make a cockpit and interior for my last Tu-104 and Tu-104d (trijet) - 20%
3) refine older Tu-124 and Tu-134 models with better flaps, ailerons and synchronized landing gear doors like Tu-104 - 80%
4) make a Convair - 880/990, as it shares the fuselage diameter and shape, including most of a nose with tu-104, and have a very similar wing form and dimensions, though i will have to tilt wings up from ahedral to dihedral positions and make the whole set of flaps, ailerons and main landing gear from scratch. - 80% (interior 50%, exterior - 90%, flexible wings - 95%, landing gear with synchro doors-
100%, new automated 3input spoilers and spoileron - 80%)
5) tu-424 supersonic business jet - 25%