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  • A new block "Decal Block" 2.3 years ago

    basically painting feature... all we wanted for years...

  • nothing is confirmed 2.2 years ago

    Hull Parts subtraction.
    this is a basic function for all CAD software, and with that we can easily make countless weird-shaped parts.

  • What should we call people who are good at funky trees? 2.2 years ago

    @TheKraken3 Yeah, maybe, perhaps the foresters are the devs who made them, and we people who use them are carpenters...

  • Polarity in magnets 2.2 years ago

    and magnet effective ranges. Right now the effective range is nil.

  • Mod suggestions. 2.6 years ago

    1. regenerative pylon
      A pylon that memorizes what is being attached, and will re-generate the parts attached when the plane is stopped and all AGs are off.

    2. Variable Gun
      A gun that you can choose the muzzle appearance, size, firepower, shell speed, rate of fire, burst length, reload time, shell category, sound and belt composition.

    Belt composition: for example, AP, HE, Tracer. the first shot in every 3 shots will be a AP shell (that continues to travel at the same direction if the first part it hits is destroyed, the second round will be a HE (with a blast range, also customizable), and the 3rd is a tracer (with bullet trace but less damage)

    Sound: For example, gun sound for different RoFs, autocannon sound, heavy cannon sound, manual loaded cannon sound, etc. Perhaps a choice of reload sounds will be good as well.

    Muzzle appearance: for example, gattling gun, muzzle brake, retracts when fired, etc.

  • How do we make input delays? 2.2 years ago

    OK, perhaps I'll write a separate article about this, but basically it's like this:
    Smooth function makes a variable go from the "start value" to "end value" smoothly, rather than instantaneously.
    Without smooth function, LandingGear would go from 0 to 1 instantly, but with smooth, it will go from 0, 0.1, 0.2..... all the way to 1. This progress is continuous, so every value between 0 and 1 will be covered.

    For landing gear doors, it would be like this:

    First, write down the sequence you want.
    for example:
    Gear retraction for 1 second, then door close for 1 second.
    for this you need to go from 0 to 1 in two seconds.
    Therefore you need this function:
    smooth(LandingGear, 0.5)
    in other words the function follows the LandingGear input, but only changes 0.5 per second, therefore taking 2 seconds to go all the way to 1.

    Then, you need to tweak your rotaters so that the landing gear rotator operates from 0 to 0.5, and door operates from 0.5 to 1.
    For this case:
    LG rotator:
    min 0
    max 1
    angle your discretion (usually 90)
    clamp01(smooth(LandingGear, 0.5) * 2)

    Door rotator:
    clamp01(smooth(LandingGear - 0.5, 0.5) * 2)
    (others are the same)

    As for railgun, what you describe is not a railgun, but a coil gun ("gauss rifle" in sci-fi nomenclature)
    The accurate timing was proven impossible even IRL, let alone in SP's imperfect physics.

  • Will Simpleplanes ever be updated again? 3.0 years ago

    Underwater Cameras<<<done by mods
    The Kraken<<< already there, except if you're talking about "killable" kraken
    Rocket Engines<<<done by mods
    The ability to get struck by lightning
    Cannons<<<done by mods
    Nukes<<<done by mods
    Afterburners<<<done by mods
    Guided Bombs<<< done by mods and some specially built sub-assemblies
    Malfunctions<<<already there. currently the engines, detachers (including pylons), weapons and bombs, as well as in only one case the artificial horizon, can all malfunction if damaged.
    Bird Strikes
    Lasers<<<done by mods
    Flamethrowers<<<done by mods
    Sonic Booms<<<done by mods
    Midair Refueling<<<done by mods though I'm not sure if it still works
    Wings Leaking Fuel <<<already there
    Removing Autoroll and Autoyaw<<<you need to balance your plane.

  • Would this feature be possible for the game? 2.0 years ago

    I'd rather have "scale relative positions" when scaling multiple parts...

  • Mathematically generated game map vs. Old cartographer's game map. 2.2 years ago

    For your reference, this is what I measured: (all are nearest "whole numbers" close to the center of the field, not spawn point)
    Wright Airport: Lat -5200, Long 5900
    Avalanche: Lat 140880, Long 6000
    Yeager: Lat 53120 Long 26215
    Skypark (Oval Office) Lat -31540 Long -1050
    Maywar (Faroh's garden) Lat -33630 Long 76280
    This is the data I used for my GPS build.

  • What kind of aircraft parking area is better? 2.2 years ago

    I prefer the kind of GA ramp, where you enter from one side and exit from other. Common for smaller aircrafts in countries with abundant land.

  • Human stupidity amuses me 2.2 years ago

    I think those are just pictures of other models showing up in a webpage about X aircraft model.
    For example, that F-117 could be a photo dubbed "a predecessor of F-35 in terms of stealth technology" on the F-35 page

  • Suggestion: the ability to change the input for the brakes on wheels 2.3 years ago

    Sincerely I'd like to be able to "funky tree" everything...
    Like, how about a cannon whose bullet lifetime (= explode timer) can be changed by an AG? So you can change between airburst mode and impact detonation?

  • What would SimplePlanes look like if Jundroo is a Large Company? 2.9 years ago

    If SP was published/developed by EA:
    parts would have to be obtained by loot boxes.

    If SP was by Wargaming:
    No Swastika even for WWII German planes. PVP only, Russian bias, you'll get parts bonus by painting it red or by putting a Hammer and Sickle on it. Non-fighter combat planes can't survive at all.

    If SP was by DICE:
    No Swastika even for WWII German planes, in-game pilot model featuring both male and female, probably even 3rd+ sex.

    If SP was by Gaijin:
    Also no Swastika even for WWII German, wingtips ripoff at 0.8 mach max, even stronger Russian bias plus caliber bias.

    If SP was by DMM/C2/Kadokawa games:
    All planes are anime girls. You start building a plane from a girl's body and you add parts into their "riggings".

  • B-36 part two: six turning, four burning boogaloo 2.0 years ago

    I heard that IRL it's more oftenly "two turning, two burning, two smoking, two choking, and two more unaccounted for"...

  • Germany HSK-8 Kormoran 2.1 years ago

    Ah, the one who somehow sank HMAS Sydney...

  • Update Idea: Adding adventure to SP 2.1 years ago

    Planes are very versatile, perhaps different campaigns for different planes would be a good idea. We can have a SAR campaign, combat campaign, transport campaign... etc.

  • Dornier Do.735 : 2.1 years ago

    This feels more like an armed version of Ju 635...
    Hs 298 V4 means it's the 4th prototype, doesn't sound like production model.
    There's already an X-7 which is an ATGM version of X-4
    There's also already MK112 55mm autocannons in Luftwaffe arsenal.

    And I don't think you need two RDF antennas (that small ring on top of the fuselage) for a double-body aircraft...

    Aside from these background bugs it's a good plane.

  • Hello 2.2 years ago

    Speaking of which, how exactly does the mods determine your age?
    I'm not native speaker of English but I'm 28, and I don't want to be deemed a primary schooler for a grammar error I made or something similar...

  • Flag of The United States 2.2 years ago

    Friendly reminder: there's only 45 stars.
    The actual USA flag has 5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5-4-5 stars per row vertically.
    i.e. there should be 6 rows with 5 stars each, with 5 rows with 5 stars each inserted between them, that would make 50 stars.

  • Mitsubishi J8M Shisei Shusui 2.3 years ago

    Nice build, by the way, does J8M have the wind turbine (small propeller that acts as a generator) on the nose, like the Me 163?

  • Human stupidity amuses me. 2.9 years ago

    In order to be a money making machine, you need to be safe.
    Cuz you can't earn enough from tickets to pay for the compensations, not to mention deaths would impact your boarding pass sales greatly.

  • neat 2.9 years ago

    "I have unlocked unlimited font"

  • Do the "inputId" in "ControlSurface" of wing support Funky Trees? 2.1 years ago

    It began to support FT after 1.9.2xx, so it's not included in the original 1.9.1 document.

  • How do we make input delays? 2.1 years ago

    try this:
    clamp01(smooth(LandingGear, (1 / 11)) * 2) for LG
    clamp01((smooth(LandingGear, (1 / 11)) - 0.5) * 2) for door.
    I tried the earlier input myself and find out it needs a *2 to make sure it makes a full stroke. But you can adjust it with angles.

    these are just reference, please debug it yourself.

    and yes, we use smooth function to govern the rotator speed, so set rotator speed to 100% to prevent over-limiting it.

  • Spread values 2.2 years ago

    I think all we need to do is to add everything AutoCAD has... (extrude, subtract, rotate around given axis.... etc etc etc)
    If something can't be made out of CAD (computer assisted design) commands then it doesn't exist.

  • The SP map is BAD and NEEDS an UPDATE!!! 2.2 years ago

    I think the biggest problem is that when you look at the map from top down view, it looks very absurd and unnatural.
    Snowstone is square, Wright and Krakabloa and Maywar are round, Skypark city is fully man-made.
    A more naturally-looking terrain would be better.

  • Ju 288G-1 (KG53 "A1+EH" w/ SG104 355mm Recoilless Rifle) 2.2 years ago


  • How do make "rockets / boosters" with missiles? 2.2 years ago

    Use connection editor.
    attach the rocket to the releasing end of a pylon, then attach the rocket AGAIN to part of your plane.
    When the pylon's AG is triggered, the rocket will ignite, but it's still connected to your plane so you'll still receive boost.

  • Jagdpanther 2.4 years ago

    @701wwj666 不,您是不是搞錯了我的意思?
    這款驅逐戰車的原名是Jagdpanther,就是五號戰車豹式Panther的前面再加上Jagd字首,意思是"打獵的豹"。由於德國叫豹的車子太多(VK1602 Leopard, Pzkpfw. V Panther, 戰後的Leopard I等)所以才會有人稱之為黑豹以資區分。
    而打獵的豹(hunting panther)不等於獵豹(cheetah)。
    The German "Jagdpanther (Hunting Panther)" tank destroyer uses the chassis of the Panther tank, (中略) it was named Jagdpanther on December 17, 1943 (下略)

  • how to keep jet engine running at full power at 50000m above sea level using overload mod? 2.9 years ago

    No idea. I don't think you can mod an engine's altitude performance by overload alone.
    In fact you might need to create a mod and change the altitude behaviour wholesale.

  • Damage Physics 2.9 years ago

    My suggestions:
    Replace that stupid "turns red" way of "show damage" into bullet holes.
    Fuel leak does not equal to on fire
    destroyed parts don't explode and damage other parts (I'm having less problems with this, probably because I fly too fast to take that)
    extinguishing fire by dipping into water is weird (using windspeed or high altitude to extinguish is far more, albeit not entirely, reasonable)

    and finally
    REPAIR AT AIRPORT PLEASE. "Restart here" don't work because that would reset the whole map.

  • #Welcome to Noob Support!!!! 3.0 years ago

    A few interesting addition:
    1. after testing on my brand-new Me 262 HG III, I found out that the fuel consumption seems to be affected by the size (volume) of the engine, while the power is set by another coefficient. In other words, you can totally make a tiny engine with lots of power by using Overload. Then you'll have the most fuel-efficient super engine in the world.
    2. Vanilla wing gun deals about 40 damage, and it seems that parts with fuel would be set on fire after taking more than 50-70 damage, and the fire would destroy the part if taking >80 damage. That's why vanilla guns almost always kills the part when successfully set it on fire, because if it set you on fire, it's definitely >80 damage.
    3. If you are having problem with survivability, try connecting the parts in... weird ways. For example, if you make a layer of hollow fuselage outside your "real" fuselage, that would become a layer of armor (only works against guns though, because missiles would just blast through the whole thing).
    4. USS Beast has 120000 HP, while USS Tiny has 60000, you can use this to test your guns.

  • Long and extremely ambitious list of features that’d make the game literally perfect, IMO 3.0 years ago

    We actually have some destructable buildings, not many though.
    The Ice Base, the windmills on Maywar and the 2 bridges in Krakaloa.
    But I do agree we can have more.

    Also can we have repair function? Land, park in a certain area and wait, and you'll have your damaged blocks repaired/reconstructed. Since ordnance count as blocks as well they can also be re-armed. I know you can use "restart here", but that would reset the whole map.

    Right now if you want to destroy a whole fleet, you need to build a plane big enough to carry lots of bombs to sink them in one go, which is not realistic. I hope we can have a realistic RTB, repair/re-arm and re-engage mechanism.

    Also please make altitude fuse possible, so that we can have accurate air-burst nukes and bombs that explode when hitting water.

  • [Beta] FT advanced combat systems vol.2 1.7 years ago

    @marcox43 For 240 berlin:
    The rotator doing the sweep: pingpong(Time, 2) - 1

    The rotator to decide the angle of the radar blip:
    activation group:

    abs(((TargetHeading - Heading) - (clamp01(sign(TargetHeading - Heading - 180)) * 360)) / 180 - 0.3 * (pingpong(Time, 2) - 1)) &lt; 0.1


    clamp(((TargetHeading - Heading) - (clamp01(sign(TargetHeading - Heading - 180)) * 360)) / 180, -0.3, 0.3)

    (Rotator range 180, speed 100%)

    The piston that decides how far the blip goes from the center:

    abs(((TargetHeading - Heading) - (clamp01(sign(TargetHeading - Heading - 180)) * 360)) / 180 - 0.3 * (pingpong(Time, 2) - 1)) &lt; 0.1 | TargetSelected = - 1 | sign((abs((TargetHeading - Heading) - (clamp01(sign(TargetHeading - Heading - 180)) * 360)) - 54)) = 1


    clamp01(TargetDistance / 9000) * clamp01(TargetSelected) * clamp01(-sign((abs((TargetHeading - Heading) - (clamp01(sign(TargetHeading - Heading - 180)) * 360)) - 54)))

    You will have the adjust for the starting, ending position and the range etc by yourself though.

  • [WIP]FT advanced combat systems 1.7 years ago

    @BagelPlane Hey guess what, I just nailed it, I got the right setting to make the radar screen update with radar sweep.

  • OK this is like the last straw. 2.0 years ago

    @Strucker I don't like changing my way of thinking when something goes wrong. I tend to think that it simply means it IS wrong.

    After all, I'm far from the only one who complains about the community's standard for a "good" build.

    Too much words, I'll just say I'll exclusively build for fun from now on, rather than trying to pursue an elusive and not-necessarily-fair crowd taste.

  • IJN Ryukaku(Pacific WAR Challenge) 2.0 years ago

    Ryuukaku was actually a thing.
    Wartime US newspapers did mention sinking a carrier called "Ryukaku" during the Battle of Coral Sea.
    However, post-war investigation confirms that this is just a mixture of other carriers in the region, including Zuikaku, Ryujo, and , the actual sunken carrier, Shoho.

    Similar confusions existed especially during the early days of Pacific theater. US intelligence read carrier Shokaku's name in a wrong way ("Kakeduru") and later mis-spelled it into "Kadekuru", and then speculated that it's a new pocket battleship.

  • [Teaser] WWII? Cold War? Early post-WWII? 2.0 years ago

    @TheReturningHound There are 3rd gen jet combat aircrafts with T-tails, like Super Entedard.
    And the silhouette is smoother than those 3rd gen stuff. that's why I said it looks like late-3rd to early-4th generation.

  • MXY-7 Ohka "Cherry Blossom" 2.0 years ago

    Well it was indeed very simple. This thing was supposed to be disposable....

  • My Issue with Mobile Friendly Builds 2.0 years ago

    Well I usually warn people that my planes are not even keyboard friendly (you need to precisely control your control surfaces) and they complain....

  • simpleplanes users don't have logic. 2.1 years ago

    Yeah I complained about similar stuff and there are BS users who can't tell good from bad trying "explain" to me.
    And they said my manual pitch is "propeller breaks at high speed, you probably never tested it"

  • A proper Super Stuka 2.1 years ago

    Ju 287 was a medium bomber with 6 jets, not related to 87/187 except the numbers.

  • Horten Ho 390 Kriegsherr 2.1 years ago

    Wow this thing is so colorful....

  • Perhaps I need to make a more popular plane... (rant warning) 2.1 years ago

    @MrSilverWolf Yes I know that, so I said in an earlier reply "everyone needs to be reminded once in a while that they build for themselves, not anyone else" (or something like that).
    Thanks for your reply anyway.

  • funky trees request - for turrets 2.1 years ago

    @BeryllCorp Use clamp.
    clamp01(sum(Pitch)) etc.... Unfortunately if you constantly input in one direction you will need a while to get it back into the 0 to 1 range.

  • Moderator announcement: Successors (description) 2.1 years ago

    Does that include self-successors? (i.e. successor plane and predecessor plane from the same person)

  • Rate of change over a certain amount of time: Funky tree suggestion 2.1 years ago

    Actually, when I originally suggested calculus, I suggested rate(x, y) where y can be ANYTHING, not just time...

  • Yes, this is a replica. It needs a better name. (new WWII aircraft preview) 2.1 years ago

    @AircraftoftheRedStar Originally I plan on giving it a more clear, appealing name and put the drawing number behind it.
    For example, "Folke-Wulf Fw Schlechtwetterjäger auf As 413 (P.0310.025-1006)"
    That bunch of German means "Bad weather fighter based on As 413 (engine), it fits all the description known on Luft 46.

  • Cannon sounds 2.2 years ago


    There's a SFX collection on Unity Asset store with MG151/ Hispano 20mm and NS-23 autocannon sounds. I'm sure it's possible to find more, larger caliber ones.

  • X 2.2 years ago

    I can't believe nobody did this: