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  • NavalGunControl 4.4 years ago

    Don't hurry with the mobile version. I'll wait.
    I'll wait.............

  • The General Lee | 1969 Dodge Charger 4.7 years ago

    @JustaSuthernBoy because this is parte of a replica, like swastikas in german planes, yet the flags can't be uploaded on their own, because ppl might interpretate that as if you were supporting the stuff behind that flag and that could hurt feelings.

  • Big Chungus 3.9 years ago

    I'll use this as a target if you don't mind

  • Uss Stalin 4.1 years ago

    Squat-class Stalin.
    Made with the purest, reinforced stallinium.
    Powered by raw hatred on capitalism of amerikinsky.
    Nice ship comrade

  • Human stupidity amuses me. 3.4 years ago

    1: Why is he comparing a RC fighter-like model to a commercial aircraft?
    2: Why does he think that commercial aircraft aren't safe when they have dozens of equipments to increase safety?
    3: Why wouldn't COMMERCIAL aircraft be made to make money?
    4:Why did I do this list?
    5:Why am I questioning myself?
    6: I love YT random comments, this isn't a question, just saying.
    I am a bot and this action was done automatically.'
    'If you have any questions, please contact the
    Mods of my profile

  • Not to sound stupid but how do you change your profile picture? 3.4 years ago

    View profile
    Manage account
    Scroll down.
    Should see something about the image
    Create an account or log in to Gravatar
    Select the image you want to upload as profile
    Should do it.

  • I Drew A Dolfin 3.7 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii the W H O L E meme community?

    Brace yourselves

  • Hilux Top Gear 3.9 years ago

    A wrecking Ball didn't kill it...

    Lets put it atop a demolishing building

  • Flying GAU-8 Avenger 4.2 years ago

    This is lacking this comment:
    Freedom intensifies

  • PUBG Supply Drop Cargo-Plane 4.2 years ago

    At least this one will drop stuff near what I want.

  • Ever wondered what a small Avro Vulcan would look like? well wonder no more =) 3.6 years ago

    Awwww he's the cutest littwe city destwoyer

  • Postman Pat 3.7 years ago



  • F-442E Aquila 3.7 years ago

    Great plane!
    For future build with multiple engines, XML mod the zero on deactivate property to true. That will spare us the trouble of putting the power on 0 before switching modes

  • Ugandan Chung- OH CHRIST 3.9 years ago

    OKAY PEOPLE, this kind of stuff is now forbidden for the rest of the year, as you don't know how to behave

  • It’s a shadow?? 3.9 years ago

    @DuckMint @Kerbango
    Is article 13 already working?
    The site says 403 and forbidden

  • Froken World 3.9 years ago

    Totally original comment

    F R O K E N

  • Add a branch and ornament to the tree. 4.0 years ago

    Branches not included

  • Auto-Walker 4.0 years ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 I'll kill it with fire.
    Even the phone.
    Gosh dang it the whole server.

  • Guys... What is England? 4.1 years ago



  • A typical evening on SP multiplayer 4.1 years ago

    Makes sense.
    As much as any other sandbox multiplayer

  • Yay! 4.2 years ago

    @FastDan the stories I could tell you.
    Probably it paths both ways.

  • Yay! 4.2 years ago

    @FastDan @BACconcordepilot guys please....
    I already upvotes posts within mere seconds on the site..
    Shoots 3 guys robbing the bank on the other side of the town and a fly landing on your beer

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 3.2 years ago

    Can we have a mobile version? Because now we also have the command line and it'll bring another life to the mod


    Before reading: what did they find? A AR-15 and a SIG Sauer?
    After looking at the chopper images: HOLY YEEEHAW

  • Pancake Anti-Fleet Missile Teaser 3.2 years ago

    Parry this you filthy casual

  • Wut is ur most epic gamr moment is SP 3.2 years ago

    @Nerfaddict THE SNIPER

  • Tie Crawler 3.4 years ago

    This will make a fine addition to my collection
    Everyone: you're about, one war too early

  • saftey markings 3.5 years ago

    @MTakach you need a @ behind the name like this
    You're welcome.

  • Landing a 723 parts in a 100€ phone! (CHEAP FLYING #1) 3.5 years ago

    @Mmdben yah its really hard to outperform that one...
    But your replica is perfect too, people will look at it and think the same you think about bogdanX's A-10

  • Pearl Diver 3.7 years ago

    @Roswell yeah I found the thing and ran some tests:
    It somehow manages to sail at 700-800 mph, and keeps going for miles when defeated.
    Also nuked it out of existence with 30 cleavers

  • Pearl Diver 3.7 years ago


    Y O U W A T M 8

    This thing is in mobile huh?
    Pirates of the Caribbeans theme INTENSIFIES

  • G-force 3.7 years ago

    @JamesBoA they don't want to add passengers because with the old dummies people did some things that were, well, gross.

  • Assessment of Flight Performance on Oceanview Speedway 3.8 years ago

    Please don't delete this forum I'll come back a few times XD

  • They are coming Send Help! 3.8 years ago


  • Want to Convince People Fake ww2 Planes Exist. 3.8 years ago

    No Comments

  • Hope Santa got you something nice... 3.9 years ago

    I got a dart board and a 2player laser tag, which was nice.
    Also a doberman

  • SR2 is now on Steam 4.0 years ago

    I know mobile version will take a lot of time, but I need to know two things when it's launch is near:
    Minimum specs
    Sure I'll love it, like your other games!

  • Help for Ds1182 4.1 years ago


  • Stuff to Build 4.1 years ago

    And today on: "How to start a world war".....

  • Black Triangle UFO 4.1 years ago

    That is actually TR-3B, a prototype plane from USAF.
    It's undergoing a lot of tests since 2004 I think

  • [TEASER] P51D Mustang 4.2 years ago

    @GritAerospaceSolutionsLTD there can never be too much...

  • Yay! 4.2 years ago

    @FastDan ok you won by making me laugh hard

  • Z-corp Unbreakable parts 4.2 years ago

    @ViridiCinis I see the problem.
    You set the value to "infinite", but it must be (exactly the same) "Infinity"

  • Mi-26 carrying... the Alaskan Bull-OH GOD 4.2 years ago

    Dis totally is getting out of hand

  • PUBG Supply Drop Cargo-Plane 4.2 years ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 this idiot would fly over my head 3 times in a game and airdrop 5km away.
    In over 4 months of playing, I only got a ghillie suit once, an AWP 4 times and a m246 twice.

  • MK. 33 "Devestator" Rocket-Pod 4.3 years ago

    Ideas are flowing through meeeeeeeeeeeee
    Unintelligible screeching



  • Overload 4.3 years ago

    When your mod gets upvoted by 4 developers and a couple of mods, you know that you did something right!
    Great mod!!

  • Course Truck “Indomitable” 4.3 years ago

    @TheNightmare811 np your stuff is always unbelievably beautiful!

  • 0of 4.4 years ago

    "Go commit die"
    Random 3 year old Roblox kid

  • Doomsday Challenge (My First Challenge) 4.4 years ago

    @Spacedoge12345plane then (hacker voice) I'm in