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hi!I'm new to simple planes, So my product isn't really good, still exploring the game and Welcome suggestions!^o^


These are the short terms I use in my description And what they really mean:
O=The project
O * = Not my original project
am=O to air Missiles
*gm=O to Ground/sea Missiles
*AB=air break
[A number]
=How much of the things is Included in the vehicle If there's no number,than there is one in the vehicle.
air=Ability to work in the Sky
=Ability to work on the ground
sea=Ability to work on the sea
na=No ability of any above^o^
TPN=Total project number(The total number of my own project)
PQG= Project quality grade,1~10, The lesser the better.
~2020/1/5 8:00pm Hangzhou~
<i love helicopters the best.>


<I updated the game and all my work is gone!!😰>
< Merry Christmas!😀>
<i finally got the game on steam!>
< there was a bug on my iPad about a year ago and simple planes is gone :( >
<Happy 2022 New Year :)>

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