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I am a player from China, I love my motherland

I like the battleship during World War I or World War II, it is a pity that China missed that era, China's navy was extremely weak, so I could only make Chinese warships after that

Why am I called Reimu? Because I like the reimu in Touhou porject, Reimuuua is a name from Reimu

I accessed the game on April 1,2022, and signed up for the account in July 2022

My plan

Yamato ------------0%

I like women. I'm not gay.I like beautiful girls with big breasts, long legs and jade feet, and I don't like Fury, thank you

If you want to be friends with me, you can join this QQ group chat——160558816 (I'm the real owner of this group chat)

Previously known as yiyic