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  • Lockheed Martin L-1011 4.9 years ago

    Next time, try to make cockpit and wings on your own

  • moyai 7 months ago

    Quick, somebody make an Easter Island mod map and place this sh@t everywhere

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 1.3 years ago

    Add an airport and some road systems in maywar!

  • I Am No Longer A Moderator 1.3 years ago

    Could I be a moderator? I keep relationships and involvement with SP users off the website to a minimum.

  • Type810 SENPAI Tank 10 months ago


  • F-14 Tomcat 10 months ago


  • SPVR Update - Gauges 1.3 years ago

    Will there be electronic screens?

  • Please, Jundroo, don’t turn me into an oversimplified logo! 1.7 years ago

    0:56 elections in a nutshell
    (Edit: what actually happened in 2020 US election)

  • Working QR Code 2.5 years ago

    Reported for putting porn on this site

  • [Suggestion] TWO PARTS that can make this game "more" AWESOME one year ago

    Sound box... how about just adding Minecraft noteblocks instead

  • I guess it works... 1.6 years ago

    I hope your mouse is at least 18

  • HOW TO AVOID UPVOTES 2.2 years ago

    unfortunately a great number of white ranked users who really need to see this won't read it.

  • Bare-Shoulder Chang 2.4 years ago

    SpiritusRaptor intensifies


    Because Winnie the Pooh is a Chinese political meme.

  • Liu and his motorcycle 8 months ago

    He also used “chinaman” which is actually a racist term. I’m not the most sensitive one on racial slurs as it could be fine under certain context, but not how he said it there @jamesPLANESii

  • Andrew GarriSUN 10 months ago

    Imagine if BBC incorporated this into their teletubbies series.

  • Your Exam Paper 10 months ago

    More upvotes than downloads…

  • CHINA SpaceStation TianGong 11 months ago


  • Electric tricycle 1.8 years ago

    回收 电脑 彩电 冰箱 洗衣机 旧手机

  • Titanic Lifeboat 2.2 years ago

    Shut up@Anthony747800

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 3.4 years ago

    Who's gonna be the 1000th upvoter?

  • I'm Back. 7 months ago

    Hi Back and you’ve got a weird name huh

  • AF-55B 'Adelaide' (39 Parts) 8 months ago

    german corsair

  • Liu and his motorcycle 8 months ago

        English speakers, let me provide some more context here for y’all. 
        This is a clip from a 2003 Chinese TV show named “Conquest” featuring this dude here Liu as a gang leader and evading law enforcement. It’s a real good detective show. 
        In this episode, Liu goes to a watermelon stand in this motorcycle, had an unpleasant exchange and figured the owner is doing some shady business. In the end Liu stabbed the owner and left. This scene became an internet meme in the largest Chinese video site Bilibili and thousands of remixes or parodies can be found.

    Hope that helps.
    @Dragorans @Kennneth

  • Free Education Version 1.2 years ago

    Y'all need to market it to the teachers and the educational systems, not teenage players lol, in my humble opinion.

  • Boeing 727-200 1.5 years ago

    Insert complaint about not being 1:1 scaled

  • SimplePlanes - Player Content Feature #1 2.4 years ago

    Definitely should do more! Upload one like once every week would be great.

  • What’s your favorite quote? 2.6 years ago

    We are no strangers to love
    You know the rules and so do i

  • Here is why there always been copying of creations on this site 3.3 years ago

    Yeah exactly. Doing this is rather childish, so they shall confirm if they are 13 or older. @Minecraftpoweer

  • Airport bus 4.0 years ago

    Awesome! It's such a challenging process to paint it blue!

  • Prideflag 5 months ago

    Yes, first of all kids use this site. Second, people from Asian and Middle East countries use this site too in which such lifestyle is usually condemned in their culture, thus this would become political. Third, I thought memorial post is not allowed to begin with… I don’t even disrespect lgbt people


  • Prideflag 5 months ago

    Nothing against y'all, but I don't know if this counts as politics/inappropriate topics, especially kids use this website too.

  • Cybertruck (152mm Edition) 8 months ago

    This is cursed

  • Liu and his motorcycle 8 months ago

    The reason your previous comment is against the rules is because you’re not supposed to bring up any politics here. But ok now there’s sufficient evidence to call you a racist too! @InternationalAircraftCompany

  • SimplePlanes - Player Content Feature #6 1.2 years ago

    1:35 DROOP SNOOT!!!

  • Regarding recent events around a big user here... 2.3 years ago

    @MintLynx gotchu man, don't cancel me for supporting him, and v o t e o r a n g e 2 0 2 0

  • JingYuan armored cruiser 2.4 years ago


  • SimplePlanes - Subscriptions 2.7 years ago

    Hey dear Jundroo developers! I do enjoy this game a lot, and I have introduced SP to several of my friends already.
    --Just a suggestion, if yall are kinda running short on money, yall should try advertising Jundroo games more to the internet, like on forums, social media that kind of stuff, so the games would gain some more popularity. Also adding advertisements into the game itself might also work, at least I won't complain about that. Plus I personally wouldn't take the risk of losing potential players to start asking them for subscription fees.
    --Another idea is this. You can spend some time and do a major update with many added elements (or even could have some stuffs from SR2), which could cost like $5-10 for people to download it. I believe the majority of players would buy it.
    I'll really appreciate it if you find my serious ideas helpful. That's all I gotta say, happy April fools!

  • KSP-Logo 2.7 years ago

    Since you replicated KSP's logo in SP, that must mean that SP is a better game.

  • Thank You For Silver!! 3.3 years ago

    Thank you all for iron

  • Lockheed Constellation 4.6 years ago

    Don't beg for upvotes bro

  • COMAC C919 [B-001A Original Livery] one month ago


  • Volkswagen Santana (Chinese Police) 4 months ago

    我在马路边 捡到一分钱

  • Rework Challenge 5 months ago

    Fun fact: this challenge is NOT sponsored by realSavageMan lol

  • Aircraft Pro Max Ultra Lift 6 months ago

    The minimalist art movement is starting on SP

  • New Moderator 10 months ago

    ok finally we have a mod who speaks Chinese
    I hope you don't get canceled by the Chinese player community...

  • You're welcome Andrew. 2.3 years ago

    also, this will definitely surpass my vid and become the highest rated one XD, man I gotta do something!

  • Special Thanks to @EternalDarkness 2.4 years ago

    @SupremeDorian nah, I have no intention of becoming a mod. I am just a law abiding citizen

  • Let’s make a New Holiday! 2.4 years ago

    @XxVirginMary42069xX I thought religious talks are against the rules

  • bad apple 2.5 years ago

    I clicked on one of the beacon light parts in order to check the input. To my surprise, the funky tree input goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on...