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A video producer, the video is published in BiliBili.
Partial explanation of the name of the work:
FY: short name or code of Feiyan Aircraft Design Bureau (FlyingSwallow aircraft design bureau)
Monarque: an automobile brand, "Monarque" means "King" in Portuguese. Recently, there are plans to manufacture luxury aircraft
Tailer: an automobile brand that mainly manufactures large vehicles, such as trucks, buses and others
Ash: abbreviation or code name of ASH Design Bureau
YK / YS: abbreviation or code of Yuan Design Bureau
XY: abbreviation or code of Xinyu Design Bureau (Newdomain design bureau) aircraft
Newdomain: name of the new domain design bureau
FZ: short name or code of Feiyan zhandouji Department (fighter R & D Department of FlyingSwallow Design Bureau)