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  • IJN Akagi 12 days ago

    @Urya thank you for your appreciation and thanks for the information

  • MOLTEN FIRE 13 days ago

    it does not fly, adding another engine fixes that a bit but it does not fly that well with the extra power. on the other hand, i really love the design

  • easy-hull-tutorial one month ago

    @Stephen77 sorry for replying late, but you need to out a VTOL engine in or on the Hull and soms of the VTOL thrusters in the back of the ship and in the front, on the Bottom of the Hull, be aware that the thrusters move in the direction you want Them to do to turn the ship. I hope this helps

  • literal piece of garbage 8 months ago

    @Lightsaber70 first of all i appreciate your help to make my planes less bad. i didn't make any landing gears because i was a little bit frustrated with these planes not taking off, for the others things you mentioned, thanks, i will try to make the plane longer and do something about that wing piece. i do not know how long it will take but i will try. for the time being thank you (don't know if there are any mistakes, i'm dutch)

  • B17 squadron 11 months ago

    @BagelPlane by placing other cockpits in the other planes and make the cockpit that you want as you primary cockpit, a primary cockpit.

  • Hr. Ms. Giethoorn 12 days ago

    @Daylight https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/5091RV/IJN-Akagi i made it, movable AA cannons and kamikaze planes

  • Hr. Ms. Giethoorn 19 days ago

    @Daylight kamikaze Planes could serve as the fourth plane. Might add that later, along with some AA cannons

  • Hr. Ms. Giethoorn 19 days ago

    @Daylight the reason there are only 3 Planes is because group 8 is activated when i enter the world, if this able to change then tell me. Group or ag 8 is needed for the fourth plane because you need 2 groups / plane. Hope this is clear

  • Hr. Ms. Velserbroek 21 days ago

    @Bob9998 throttle up for forward movement and steering with roll controls

  • Hr. Ms. Giethoorn 21 days ago

    i thank

  • Hr. Ms. Velserbroek one month ago

    @TrislandianAlliance quick, send in THE WATER

  • Ship tutorial one month ago

    I'm glad this helps

  • Hr. Ms. Driehuis one month ago

    I rushed it a bit, that's why some parts may not look polished, but thank you

  • Ship tutorial one month ago

    thought that it would be more helpfull to add the colors, and i see it worked out well, thanks

  • my idea of a warship one month ago

    @TrislandianAlliance as far as my knowlegde on the Hull goed, it's quote old, not the most beautifull and i have some replacements right now, but it does it's job

  • KMS Hans scholl (preveiw) one month ago

    Out of all the things people made with these hulls, this had to be one of the better ones

  • DPA (SF) - carrot 3 months ago

    @carrot2110 nice

  • gunboat 3 months ago

    @NightmareCorporation i tried to build a ship that was more the size of the destroyers and that AC, that is why the hull is bigger. but thank you

  • KMS G.Kurfürst 4 months ago

    @AstonMartin145 USS montana is completed

  • KMS G.Kurfürst 4 months ago

    @AstonMartin145 thank you and merry christmas to you, little bit late, but i Will take a look at these ships and eventually will build them, have some other work to do at the moment. Right now i think i will have something of that USS Montana ready, don't know yet but i will try.

  • KMS G.Kurfürst 5 months ago

    @AstonMartin145, i noticed it, fixed it, but havent nuploaded it yet. Will do it in a day or so, might as well add the lifeboat crane. But it will be fixed by the end of this week for Shure.

  • stuka gunpod and RP3 rocket 5 months ago

    @Warhammer55 thank you

  • (more) Ship turrets 7 months ago

    @TrislandianAlliance i do have soms bigger turrets, i can also start on some turrets that are larger if you want to.

  • (more) Ship turrets 7 months ago

    @TrislandianAlliance, first of all i build on a very small scale because idk, i like it, second, the bigger turret is bigger than the other one, i also put the cockpit block next to the turrets for scale

  • literal piece of garbage 8 months ago

    @Lightsaber70 i fixed the plane, longer hull, removed the top wing and some other changes. i uploaded it and it flies really well, no need to check it out but it would be nice.

  • HD222 8 months ago

    looks great

  • Mechanical Control Plane 9 months ago

    Never seen anything like this, great work

  • Tank Challenge! [28 upvote prize] 9 months ago

    @belugasub in case you don't notice it, i messed up my entry upload, i forgot the fuel but i put a link in the description of the bad version to the good version, i'll send it here as well: https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/SgP79d/BT-7-BM-8-24-mod-2019

  • Bandit run Tournament results. 9 months ago

    It was Nice to see that i passend the first round, but communism is too over powered. Liked the tournament

  • jojoturbo P33 bomber entry 11 months ago

    you're the first one so far, so you have the bomber with the biggest bombload unil someone makes a better one, great job

  • Bomber challenge! 11 months ago

    @Mobius1Cyka i'll review the results that people make, if there are planes being send in "late", i will still review them, but this is unlikely to happen because old posts are less looked at than new one's

  • Bomber challenge! 11 months ago

    @benjaminlavezzari @Mobius1Cyka mod weapons that need to be installed to use in the game, are things that i can not test or use, but if you want to test yourself, which i made this challenge for, you can use mod weapons.

  • Bomber challenge! 11 months ago

    @Mercyaircraftcorporation you can join by building something and letting me know it is onlne, like downloading this build and making your creation in it

  • Bomber challenge! 11 months ago

    @Mobius1Cyka why does there have to be a deadline, like if you want to make something great but you do not have the time for it, you can make it later. and english is not my native language so spelling mistakes are relatively common for me

  • Boat hull (torp powered) 11 months ago

    i haven't seen anything like this as well, at first i tried to make it as a decorator, like in stead of a propellor, and then this happened. but thank you

  • the minijet squadron one year ago

    @SimpleKingdomAerialTesting after 3.1 years you get your "thank you"

  • Seaplane Carrier one year ago

    It took a while for me to find out your build but nice Job and thank you for using my parts

  • Japanese aircraft carrier (I did not made the hull) one year ago

    You really did a great job, nice

  • Aircraft carrier hull one year ago

    @CRATE52 thanks for using it, i Will take a look at your creation

  • Aviation battleship hull one year ago

    @CRJ900Pilot thanks

  • Small Kinetic missile 1.2 years ago

    tried it onces and i allready love it, great job

  • naval turret pack 1.2 years ago

    @TitanicAndSNK @Pilot72 @MEERKAT978 sorry for replying so late but thanks for the appreciations and yes you are free to use them, mentioning me is nice but there's no pressure to do it.

  • TU-190-2 1.4 years ago

    like the design, very stable

  • F-63 USS fighting 1.5 years ago

    it sure is the best, good job

  • ASG-52 Destroyer 1.7 years ago

    Nice design 👍

  • Peashooter Mk1 1.7 years ago

    It looks very nice

  • TRACKS - Realistic, flexible, tough and fast! 2.5 years ago

    this thing is just great! well done

  • Death Spectre 2.5 years ago

    this plane looks great, nice work!

  • jojoturbo P6R16B9 ''Silver Boat'' 2.5 years ago

    yes you can but i put the whol engine in my previous creation: prankstergangster ultrapack, but you can "steal" it form this plane too

  • B17 supersquadron 2.6 years ago

    i think it looks super(squadron) nice!