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Here you'll find some small aircraft projects, predominantly replicas, these builds highly prioritize optimization to run well on low performance devices... oh wait this is the old description.

Here you'll find predominantly aircraft replicas of the military type, these crafts are mildly detailed and usually had a modelled cockpit, due to this my builds usually contains about 300 parts, sometimes more, which, if you remembered my old description, is above what I consider to be mobile friendly, so in order to attain the mobile friendliness there's usually a simplified variant made alongside the main builds. While I do play SimplePlanes routinely, usually if there's a project going on, I barely have a frequent activity on this site, but fret not, I will continue to post here and try to maintain some form of activity for the foreseeable future.

I extend my eternal gratefulness for all the support I receive, thank you.

Ps. Always look out for IS-2s.

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Some notes

• While my builds look aesthetically pleasing, they're just that, aesthetically pleasing, their performance is at best semi-realistic, most of them however are arcadey

• As stated in my bio, I don't upload frequently, on average it's about once a month, but sometimes even less than that, so sorry if you've expected a build from me that took very long to be completed.