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saffron skies raise the blazing sun
a chance encounter, awkward displays
one day, my love, we'd be as one
with two entwined. A set course, begun
that frenetic, wild, lustrous haze;
azure skies host the radiant sun
above us beaming as we run
down that aisle, a fervent craze
that day, my love, we became as one
with future unfolded - the life we'd won
commitment and duty, for the family we'd raise
cerulean skies ferry the shimmering sun
Buried. Shackled by fate - overrun
by ever-growing resent and malaise
yesterday, my love, we were as one
now you lie here, the life in you gone
in the dark outside of her rays
crimson skies bear the torch; our sun
today, my love, we'll be as one

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