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  • SimplePlanes 2 - Coming this Christmas 2 months ago

    a kid was found dead in the living room the parent says that the teddy bear kill the child the police burn the teddy bear and then the gost of the child says that the teddy bear kill him with an F22 gun after that tje police go to the nearest walmart and slam the walmart door and found a gun and they also found 1.000.000 teddy bear the teddy bear wanted to destroy the world but the police burn. all of the bear and the gun and the walmart explode

  • The Valley Map 3 months ago

    @Kennneth but my pc is broken lol

  • Wuhu Island 3 months ago

    here how to set an good spawn point
    1. use helicopter to set your spawn point
    2.make sure its a bit above the ground to avoid the wheel sink
    3. drive
    4. crash
    5. get into hospital
    6. die

  • Fiat CR.78 Fuciliere 2 months ago

    how to use this without mod
    4.this comment is for people that never read desc

  • poop car one month ago

    i dot know why but my jetstream is filled with weird thing like this anyways this is a great build

  • The Aftermath 3 months ago

    please make this pig compatible

  • Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde Singapore Airlines 4 months ago

    how to do an vertical takeoff in this boi:
    1.activate ag5
    2. pull the yoke up
    3. go full power
    4. and there you go an vertical takeoff in this boi

  • Random clouds I saw on a flight 25 days ago

    imagine if microsoft and jundroo did an collaborations to make sp2

  • Let’s talk about wheels 2 months ago

    better tire sound

  • SimplePlanes - Subscriptions 4 months ago

    if EA bought JUNDROO

  • The Towers July 2001 4 months ago

    i guess im going to kill my phone

  • WHA Terminal Plugin 4 months ago

    can you make wright general aviation airport in the middle of the wright island

  • Urban Map Showcase (RTX) 4 months ago

    can you use yor pc for frying egg

  • Emirates Airbus A380 5 months ago

    why does the landing gear doesnt have gear tilt its make the landing a little bit hard and a bounce as well and you should make an update version that have gear tilt, and of course lufthansa liveries

  • Boeing 737-800 WestJet 5 months ago

    what map you using in the background

  • McDonald's Douglas Death Meal + McFlies one month ago

    a kid just buy an happy meal but suddenly the fries and the cola shoot his face with IDK

  • Earth and moon one month ago

    ahh yes the sp map now bigger than mfs2020 map

  • J30-200 (2021) one month ago

    @CM i got an idea for another variant for this aircaft
    -J30-200 Gravel edition for grass runway
    -J30-300 the version that is 6 meter longer that the 200
    -J30-300ER the version that can fly longer has a bigger wingspan but 3 meter shorter fuselage lenght that the normal J30-300
    -J30-400 this one has a new thiccer engine has a higher landing gear because the engine was too thicc
    -J30-480 this one has a slightly longer fuselage but a shorter range
    -J30-400 tanker the version that is used to refuel other aircraft middair
    -J30-390 upgraded this one has a wider wingspan and a longer range and a winglets
    -J30-500 not a big improvement from the -400 but it has a really long range with the same wingspan of the J30-390 the fuselage lenght is the same one from the J30-300
    -J30-600 this one is the latest one with the more seating more range and an fully glass instrument and also a non failing mcas

  • Heat Haze one month ago

    can you make a funny meme mod where everithing is upside down

  • Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 Islander (Philippine Navy) one month ago

    nice plane ya got there but sadly im not playing sp anymore

  • Boeing 747-8i KLM one month ago

    i will call mani1389 the underrated and the repost boi

  • What happened to IceCreamVanilla? 2 months ago

    he melted

  • Among us in Simpleplanes MP (gone horribly wrong) 2 months ago

    ehh what happend to the mod i cant se the link

  • Sukhoi Superjet 100 (RRJ 75) Air Koryo livery 2 months ago

    pesawat yang bagus

  • About criticism. 2 months ago

    your cat is thicc

  • Android Map 3 months ago

    my brain gone

  • Android Map 3 months ago


  • WHA Terminal Plugin 3 months ago

    suggestion : add papi light,runway light,taxi light, taxway sign, ground vehicle and some planes for decorations, houses around the airport

  • Fokker F27 Friendship FedEx livery 3 months ago


  • Who killed red? 3 months ago

    red kills red

  • XV-40 4 months ago

    turboprop fs but in sp

  • wright trees 4 months ago

    @Kakhikotchauri1 have i tag you

  • Super Tiny Beta (v1.10.105) 4 months ago

    bug the whell sometimes go underground

  • BMW M1 Procar 4 months ago

    time to make my pbone blew up

  • Audi R18 e-tron quattro 4 months ago

    my favorite audi

  • Ekranoplan KM Caspian Sea Monster 4 months ago


  • Boeing 737MAX-8 Southwest (with MCAS) 4 months ago

    look like an B737 MAX 7

  • Boeing C-17 GlobeMaster 4 months ago

    its more look like an avro rj146

  • Potted Tree 5 months ago

    oh my this really beautiful even more beautiful than the smoothest landing in the wo

  • Boeing 767-400ER Wing 12 days ago

    you need to pay for the computer repair if someone computer blew up

  • Ocean Mod updated. 26 days ago

    hey i got an idea for the next ocean mod update: whenever the cockpit part touch the water there will be a spongebob sound

  • Passenger 26 days ago

    now we can recreated a man has fallen in a river in lego city

  • Grubhub Delivery dance guy one month ago

    A man order a chicken burger and then he ate the burger and start dancing but suddenly two person just smack the guy door and start dancing since the door is now opened a pregnant women enter the house and start drinkink milkshake and start dancing and after that all of them start dancing the kid that seeing the dad start dancing and suddenly theres a sound that say GRUBHUB and i die

  • How to get simpleplanes for free!1!!!1111 one month ago

    @Sinnacraft can you stop sir

  • Airbus A330-300 one month ago

    halo orang baru

  • How to get simpleplanes for free!1!!!1111 one month ago

    guys pls dont report this person because this post was only for jokes

  • Air Disaster 09/01/2021 one month ago

    press respect to pay respect

  • Takswagen Stella-R Cyberpunk 2077 Edition one month ago

    you need more updoot

  • Mitsubishi Colt L300 (Indonesian CBU) one month ago

    bayarmobilnya pake updoot