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  • Tracks 1.8 years ago

    1 issue. Along with a couple other mods. It comes up with an error, saying it cant open the mod itself. I made sure simple planes has storage permissions

  • Leo Redo from WWR 6 months ago

    Great to see it played with!

  • Mark. IV Tank in WWI (REAL TRACK) 5.1 years ago

    May I use your tracks😛?

  • tank track base 5.6 years ago

    The tracks aren't connected to the base in any way therefore it doesn't count the tracks as parts @Wheelmaker2

  • [KV-2] revised v4 6 months ago

    @handitover ot used to be, but I changed the turret so I can play around in it in vr

  • travel trailer 6 months ago

    Sure thing

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 1.7 years ago

    @Allan000 how do I get an older version of the mod?

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 1.7 years ago

    @Allan000 is there anyway I can get an older version of the mod or something compatible? I have my game rolled back to 1.9.250 or sum like that

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 1.7 years ago

    Downloaded but it wont show up on mod menu. Any ideas???

  • XML coding 1.7 years ago

    @WarshipWarshipTheDude yeah basically being able to fly the craft in any of 6 directions and have it hover. There was a tire fighter and anime girl posted not to long ago that does just that. I looked at the thrusters through XML and saw its coding. I'm interested on how it works.

  • mods wont load. 1.7 years ago

    @Highground this hurts my heart so bad☹

  • WAR ROBOTS: golem 1.9 years ago

    @JDog3106 alright I'm just saying this post is 4 years old haha, I dont care to really update it as that gun was meant to be and is the kwk

  • WAR ROBOTS: golem 2.0 years ago

    @JDog3106 do you not see how old this post is XD

  • Yeti Scramble 2.8 years ago

    So is this flying or driving on a course or a wild guess?

  • Linkable tracks with sprockets that connect to the engine? 4.5 years ago

    @QuantausAviation yeah good point just saying though it would be cool yo have this stuff

  • key 4.7 years ago

    thanks lol

  • key 4.7 years ago

    @BaconEggs I'm playing multiplayer with my friend and I built a vtol plane that hooks with this key sadly the server won't let my plane pick up his jeep

  • anti ground truck 4.8 years ago

    @tsampoy no not rlly haha I ment it to be anti vehicle truck

  • Multiplayer ATC roleplay server on discord. 4.8 years ago

    has this gone dead

  • [UPDATED!] Bacon's Multiplayer Server! 4.8 years ago

    could we make a mic sever or something?

  • VT-C8 Seraph 5.0 years ago

    Oh boy thats gonna be an issue

  • Army Vehicle 5.0 years ago

    Nice keep up the good work

  • VT-C8 Seraph 5.0 years ago

    Looks pretty good, question is..... can we eat a hamburger in it?

  • Mystery Tournament 5.0 years ago

    Oh boy i know im not gonna win

  • Lamborghini Lp700 Aventador 5.0 years ago


  • Challenge explain how a jet engine works in the description and tag my airplane 5.0 years ago

    Jet engines are very complex machines, there is acompressions chamber that sucks air and compreses fuel and air together creating a massive force that is very hot, the turbo fans guide this immense heat and preassure build out the back of this compressor thats has the large turbo jet fans, this heat turns the fans which brings more air and pushes the air rest of the heated are out the back, leaving the jet stream trail, think of it as this, a propeller engine with heated air pushing the fans, not an actual gas engine

  • WAR ROBOTS: Toadfrill 5.1 years ago

    @MrMecha did you test it?

  • WAR ROBOTS:Griffen 5.1 years ago

    @Killjoy543 i lost all my mods dude I can't even get my mech sorry :'(

  • tf2 my titan 5.4 years ago

    @MechWARRIOR57 well, I have engines to help the mech move and for some odd reason, there isn't enough air

  • Civil Aviation Airline Logos v2.0 5.4 years ago

    Game changer bro

  • tf2 my titan 5.4 years ago

    @MechWARRIOR57 don't hate bro. ;) 😂

  • tf2 my titan 5.4 years ago

    @Birdman9301 Thx

  • SAL-PPC-6000 "Nugget" 5.5 years ago

    Can I have that with ketchup? Lol

  • Might be on less 5.5 years ago

    Am I going to be slayed? Cuz I don't worship ur god :'(

  • Oh man! I got gud stuff 5.5 years ago

    I got nothing :(

  • Type 47 MBT 5.5 years ago

    Oh ho ho ya baby I know what Ima do wit dis

  • School Bus - American 5.5 years ago

    @lapisGamerYT just your normal everyday buss sigh

  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago

    @AudioDud3 Yea dude my car got slaughtered

  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago

    @EpicFirebird Np

  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago

    @EpicFirebird or take the body of the plane make a subassembly, make a new plane then pull it out of the subassembly then bam "new" plane in bout 5 sec

  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago


  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago

    So cars and mods as well?

  • Thanks for Gold!!!! :D 5.5 years ago

    Thus is beautiful

  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago

    Can I use actual mods

  • Daredevil 5.5 years ago

    @AudioDud3 dude u seemed glumy last race

  • F-4 Phantom II 5.5 years ago

    @RandyAndSonsAircraft k looking foward

  • School Bus - American 5.5 years ago

    I'm taking.... Meh dogs

  • F-4 Phantom II 5.5 years ago

    Pretty cool man

  • Arrowhead-887 5.5 years ago

    This is....... Horrible!!! Nah I'm jk its a work of art my friend

  • Really big plane 5.5 years ago

    Holy moly baloney