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I like building almost everything that comes to my head, from airplanes to tanks and even some weird boats. I like participating in challenges and comunity things. I speak two languages, Spanish and English, and currently im learning German and Japanese. Feel free to use any of my creations to whatever purpose you want, dont forget to give credits ;).
Current projects:
5th gen stealth jet (paused)
Stealth UAV (halted)
90° V8, currently WIP(paused)
BMW 018 Jet engine WIP, having troubles with making it realistic...
MF 220 Drachen new version WIP, currently remodelling the cockpit, also adjusting the flight model.

Don't know if I'll have the skill to make it, but: Mercedes Benz 190E replica, with some mild tunning as a special edition of my own. kind of what I'd like to do irl when I have money for it.
as a plus, another Mercedes Benz, a 1986 W124 260E in sky blue. Basically what I drive everyday.