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Hi !
I'm French and Senegalese.
I'm male.
I'm a car guy
I build planes and other things.
I'm the owner of the SPCC.
Join SPCC !
I post Fresh memes just 4U. You can subscribe to the memes service just by posting "meeeemes" into fresh memes.
You can find me on Discord servers like the CFSP or the SPSC
I suggest you to check this amazing plane (obiously not a rickroll)
I also make some experimental planes, such as the EX-1, cannon things etc
I will happily give you help if you ask or need. I also upvote or spothlights creations that i think worth it (judged by your points level, your time here, and your other builds.) (btw you won't get my upvote if you're asking for, or if your build is not of quality.)
I did a rare buoancy working plane (HydroBoost system.)
IRL i'm obessesed with JDM cars such as: supra, skyline...
I'm also a DJ...
Bedroom DJ.
WORKING ON : my best plane ever. I am putting all the effort i can in this one.

Bronze: idk lol
Silver :08/03:21
Front page : 8/04/21
Some quotes

Life is like bike, you need to move forward to not loose control
Albert Einstein
We are all friends here on SimplePlanes.
Some friends are mean, and cranky, but that's life.

Fun Fact:
I lost my previous account called "Azerty17"

Dope gifs

Previously known as mLk17