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A little bit about me. Im a youtuber who Produces/Dj'S Electronic music. Im trying to steer my channel towards simple planes it would of been alot easyier to make a new channel but im not a one who going ro give up on 140k subs. You can check out my channel here: www.youtube.com/BestDubastep feel fre to sub if you like electronic.


I love modeling and textureing in every game i play im current working with unreal engine and cryengine making my own sandbox RPG MMO i will get into this in the Coding section.


ok so i really enjoy coding i know a few language's that is self taught my first language i taught my self was, Java/c# this was due to i was building a 3D mmo with a old freind. But java got boring due to the simplicity. So i moved onto making my own games in lua and c++ which i really enjoy due to its limitless on what you can do with this knowledge. I gradully was learning diffrent types of languages over thee years getting to know pyphon for visual studios. Etc Xml, Json,JavaC++,c#,Java,Lua.Python.


Ok so ive made many trainers over the years which i will do a list of games in a moment. But modding i find really fun on reverse engineering a game that isnt ment to be modded this can resolve in bans but was worth it. So the games that i modded. Battlefield 1 visual mod,chasms. Forza horizon 3, money,fans,cars i did get caught for this and i did get banned for 33 years not being able to use store front. Gta V Massive trainer. I also got caught for this and got a perm ban. Mass effect 3 made my own waves aswell as rewards. And so on.

Simple Planes Editing/Writing.

The name says it all its very simple to use xml and its very simple to write your own in the xml in your phone/pc files.

Ive probed missed somthing but heyho if you wish to ask a question just message on one of my posts. Thanks for reading this long book lol.