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RP Country : Kryptonia
Government type : Democracy
Populations : 214,459,976
Military forces : Air&Navy&Army&Space
Capitol : Kaiser
My role : [President of Kryptonia]
Status : War
Main enemy : Rebels with stolen Nuclear ICBM Launch vehicles

Kryptonia is Island country that have over 3,000 Nuclear missile launch bases.
Kyrptonia is also home of KVDF, KADF and KWDF.

KVDF is Kryptonia's Armed Vehicle Developing Facility. But, KVDF also makes civilian vehicles and motorsports vehicles.

KADF is Kryptonia's Armed Airplane Developing Facility. KADF makes Drones, Stealth fighters and transport aircrafts.

KWDF is Kryptonia's Weapon Developing Facility. KWDF develops high-efficiency weapons for cheap price!

Kryptonian Air Force-Kryptonia's sky defenders! They're fast and deadly! Every fighter jets in Kryptonia is using N-1 Nuclear engine.

Kryptonian Army-Kryptonia's land worriers! They're strong and trustful! Every Tanks in Kryptonia is using PST Laser cannon.

Kryptonian NAVY-Kryptonia's Wave riders! They're quiet and Fast! Every Warships in Kryptonia is using XS-2 AEGIS Radar!

Kryptonian Space Force-Kryptonia's new pioneers! They're smart and powerful! Every space battleships from Kryptonia is using enhanced version of N-1 Nuclear engine.