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Hey! I'm @jsaret.

I make nonweaponized land vehicles mostly, specifically mass transit and passenger movement stuff as of late.
Before that, most of my creations fell under the umbrella of Heep Corporation.

I reside in California, and I study physics at university. Somehow that doesn't seem to have helped my ability to design functional planes- see the Altscraft series, for example.

Follow me for more buses and other vehicles.

If you want me to follow you, make a cool land vehicle and tag me on it. I will consider following you, and I may unfollow you at any time, especially if you spotlight spam.

You won't find posts from me often, but I promise to you that when I do post I only bring the best I can bring to you. I take pride in my work and I'm always open to criticism - I may even bring your thoughts into an updated version or a new build! Just speak up! Comments count.

Currently building highly detailed land vehicle models with moving parts- most of these are designed for use on the SimplePlanes interstate system or can be modified to do so by enabling default suspension on older models.

I'm always happy to give advice, and take criticism of my stuff.

Platforms - iOS and macOS.

I can and do use XML and the Fine Tuner mod.

The biggest thing I do in XML is make dynamic LED boards, which I use for bus signs, but I have made signs for other users with different purposes.

Featured Builds Catalog

Heep Coach HF42AH
Heep Coach HF42DXS Flyaway
Smolbus Handii2
MUNI Neoplan AN440 - Accurate 1:1 Scale

Proofs of Concepts
Dynamic Sign P.O.C.
Example: "Memes for Sale" for horatio
Modular Alphabet

See you around the site!

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