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-theIntruderReal, aka standardCookie, 2023
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plane in pfp (shameless plug ik)

ur mom

wow i thought you will not even bother reding my bio!!!!!!!q1!1!11qqqqqqqqq

Hello fellow travelers.

Starting off from scratch.....
I used to have an account with 34.6k points.... Now it's nothing. Just the memories....
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Status: Inactive, currently bored of this game.


Hi. My name's Intruder72, but you can call me Waltuh or Carl if you want.. I'm a biological male from Vietnam and is interested in military aircrafts, especially Soviet ones cuz it just looks kinda interesting. I do not accept requests unless if i approve of it. You can modify my planes BUT your creation has to have more than 10 parts of the original build. It can be cosmetic or performance upgrade, or an improvement. I do welcome new members to customize my planes to their likings, but only if i approve of them.
I have started to do more replicas cuz fictional builds doesn't do as well, probably because my dumb pea brain doesn't know how to design a plane/car correctly. I will pump out fictionals, just as not as often. I am a really friendly and funny (at least to me) person, but i will go mad sometimes. Heck, i just think my emotions are unpredictable. Hate me if you want, but keep the opinion to yourself.
and please don't ask "wHeN mObILe fRiEnDlY vErSiOn", part counts are like adrenaline to me, i'm more excited when i open up the menu to see the part count of something I'm working on and see it rise.

I am surprisingly connected to BYardley as he is a friend of a person named CaptainAlpha in another game that used to be my friend's old friend which according to my friend died in a plane crash but was caught online a few months later

Basic Informations
-currently livin up in Sai Gon
-likes pizza and banh mi
Pro Minecraft builder (kinda)
Car nerd
-Ships guy
Proud mobile user



Discord: normalguyinvietnam

SP related servers I'm on:
The Very Goofy Simpleplanes Team (invite link here
FS Pilots (MrCOPTY's server)
SVT (Simpleplanes Vehicles Team)
Simpleplanes Mans
SPABC (Noble's server)

my spotify palylist

Platforms I'm on:

Reddit (Boeigtheman or intruder_710)
Twitter: theIntruderReal
Youtube: theNormalVietnamesedude
2nd channel: Carlito Gaming

Goal: Make everything in this game

Planes: Yes
Cars: Yes
Tanks ×
Helicopters ×
Ships ×
Buildings ×
Trains ×
Gliders: Yes
Other thingamajigs ×


Reached bronze on ?????
Reached Silver 2 months ago
Reached Gold 27/1/2024
Reached Platinum on ???


Juno account that i made for fun

L1nus | "Does your coffee like heavy metal music?"

Majakalona | "finally, i can teleport the treporte"

TriStar |"You get 250 trillion rupees but you can't use Inradius Formula of Triangle for 0 seconds, would you do it?"

VeroViper |"Messi better hide"

ZerkkOtakuGuy |"Internet points are usually not important at all"

Pan |"Are these, the world's most crispy fries?"

Hahahahaahahshs |:>

Ilovewillow |"@MakeItAQuote"

Favorie songs

Vitalic - Stamina
Outkast - Ms Jackson
U2 - Vertigo

Fictional stuf lel

Fictional companies:
Darlton Industries
Irvan Rovich Aviation
Saunders-Eindrell Aviation
Ronald Kennedy Aviation (now defunct)
Randoff Industries (also defunct)
Gostram Aviation Enterprises
Treportè Heavy Industries



Name: United States of Greater San Andreas
Government type: Monarchy (as Dylan Yorkton, Veronica Carlinos and Vincent Bedford were sons and daughters of King Marco V)
GDP: 17T US dollars
GDP per capita: 50000$

32370 soldiers
10000 tanks
12568 planes (most of them were homemade planes)
9800 helicopters (most of them were ground attack helis)
Population of 300 million people
Capital: St. Alburns
Richest cities: Brandenfield, Northenberg and Halberg-Staten
Poorest city: Fousen-Housen (split apart during the Aeroamerican War), Bennedito and Darrensville


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Previously known as standardCookie, theIntruderReal, Boeig