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If you found this page cool and i dont know if you will read this but here we go…

Location: I'm from Texas. No, I'm not giving you my address. You want my social security number? Security! Get this guy off the stage!
(Inspired by JustWingIt)
Welp, I like many games including war robots, and I tend to make robots and many creations from a game or in real life. Comment what you want me to make next when I make a build too!

love cars too. McLaren is my favorite brand, but I also like others like Ford, SSC, and concept cars. My favorite car is probally the McLaren F1, as it is very fast and broke many records. Long tail version just doesn’t look that good though.

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Thank you guys for the support lately! Especially the support, upvotes, and downloads! and I’m really thankful
for you guys and the community! You guys are awesome!

Thanks for reading!