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  • Comment upvote logic 1.5 years ago


  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 9 months ago

    @kpfpz70m933 "aggressive AI" already go for a random/nearest plane or something, and you can't easily set their targets

    Aircraft teams - aircraft won't attack other aircraft in the same team. Allies, enemies, and neutral teams are enough.
    Possible implementation: When the AI aircraft is selecting a new target, it just skips over its own teammates.

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 9 months ago

    New ground targets like WW2 AA tank, flak truck, AAA, tank (no/minimal AA)

  • It's been a good ride. one month ago

    You could say he
    Gave us up

  • Possibly the most important game suggestion ever made 1.6 years ago

    Improved in-game tutorials might be better, but this sounds interesting

  • Steam Summer Sale 10 months ago

    SP is so good that I got it on 1 more steam acc

  • Can I just be platinum already 2.3 years ago

    You are now 0.008% closer, keep it up

  • Future updates to the Google Play version of SimplePlanes will no longer support mods 2.9 years ago

    guess i don't update until maybe we get an integrated xml editor

  • What’s y’all’s favorite thing about SP? 3 months ago

    It simultaneously lets you abide by and break every rule of physics

  • Idiots 4.2 years ago

    Everyone in my class except for me doesnt know what a car handbrake is, so i can relate

  • School Bus 4.1 years ago

    *magic school bus ear rape plays*

  • Simple Achievements [WEBSITE UPDATE SUGGESTION] one month ago

    Statistics and achievements for things other than points would be nice, e.g.
    - upload certain number of planes / forum posts / videos / mods
    - number of comments or upvotes given
    - join community events like tournaments (lol)
    - the tags you use on planes

  • Andrew 4 months ago

    This is too much power for any mortal to wield, maybe i should seal this black magic away once and for all

  • Checklist 6 months ago

    this is a real page-turner

  • So Jundroo accidentally added 1 part custom images to the game... 7 months ago

    @CenturyAerospace hidden images: it will be tough, but yeah, there will be a few willing to go through the trouble
    custom sounds has been possible with tone generator mod, if you know how to do additive synthesis
    outside of funny variable names, harmful code in FT isn't possible since everything is self-contained

  • Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project) one year ago

    @exosuit @StukaCover amazing Japanese monster differences-motivated discriminatory mass murder

  • My First Walker 1.9 years ago

    almost time to make an SP anime lol

  • Ace Combat novice controls Wasp 2.0 years ago

    @Aeromen inb4 ace combat 3
    it's the asuka langley "pathetic" meme which is very fitting

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 2.2 years ago

    Users whose builds look rough when you zoom in, as in shapes aren't smooth
    Also when people make copies of their own build that aren't modified much, but call them different builds
    (ocd much)

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 2.7 years ago

    6 more

    I remember when this was 460

  • How to write different fonts? 5.4 years ago

    Use asterisks for formatting
    1 asterisk: italic
    2 asterisks: bold
    3 asterisks: both
    Use number of # for headers






    Use back ticks for code text (red)

  • External Flow: Lift and Drag 23 days ago

    thanks for the refresher lol
    unfortunately i only absorbed roughly 10% of it

  • Andrew 4 months ago

    @Upv0te it's joke, because andrew is the most powerful being

  • GUYS WE GOTTA RIG THE VOTE! (For the steam awards) 5 months ago

    it doesn't appear for me, sadge
    sp has 69 on metacritic btw

  • All my unpublished mods 9 months ago

    D A N C I N G C O W

  • DarkBlue one year ago

    @FabioGalvao5679 dev console commands, run DarkBlueFindSkyDome then DarkBlueAutoAltitude

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 2.2 years ago

    Oh yeah and when you get a comment on a very old cringe build, lol

  • Thank you everyone- More Pictures of Ara Ara 2.5 years ago

    ara ara

    oh no, the f l a s h b a c k s

  • Bug: Aircraft ‘Bumping’ in flight 2.5 years ago

    Turn off the War Thunder packet loss sim option lol (jk)

  • OMG, these people really love to gloat! 2.7 years ago

    My new mod has a whole 170 downloads! And is available for both PC and Android!

  • Small Request With Detacher Delays 3.2 years ago

    Maybe it should be a toggleable option, for certain things you shouldn't stop

    Would be great for guns though

  • Clickbait has gone too far... 3.8 years ago

    thumbnail-making 100

  • Tank cannon tutorial 4.9 years ago

    Bomb systems are not limited in ammo. They use the detach force of the detacher they are connected to, as long as it is active. Thus, you can have as many bombs you want, at a part count of 2-3 per bomb depending on how you build. The system only uses up one AG.
    I have made a cannon like this with 16 shots, and spefyjerbf has one with 17 shots.

    Also the gun system sucks as there is no splash damage and no bullet drop

  • simpleplanes has a profile numbering system 6 days ago

    @jamesPLANESii I was surprised to get some famous/high-point users when trying the funny numbers

  • WOOMBA 17 days ago

    can we also talk about the fact that someone made a blueprint for the roomba

  • What must a cube be capable of? 2 months ago

    Going 150 mph on the racetrack
    Optionally you should be able to put a wing on it

  • [SOLVED] War Robots Aegis Shield and Repair Effect 2 months ago

    Repair wave effect: maybe you can use multiple labels or a circular label (360 degrees curvature) to approximate it.

    Aegis shield: labels can become fully visible and invisible with FT, I saw someone make hexagons that do that. A ball shaped shield will need one label per hexagon

  • ERROR 4 months ago

    (software) engineer gaming

  • Part count is getting higher in SP 1.11 ? ( What to do ) 6 months ago

    Use the Mobile Friendly tag

  • Why doesn't "Ground Speed" factor in AoA?? 6 months ago

    Relative to the ground is a bit misleading, more accurately it's relative to any fixed point and the velocity vector includes the vertical component.
    GS is only different from TAS when there is wind, because TAS is relative to wind. IAS is also relative to wind.
    You can try it:
    GS = sqrt( pow(rate(Latitude),2) + pow(rate(Altitude),2) + pow(rate(Longitude),2) )
    Horizontal GS = sqrt( pow(rate(Latitude),2) + pow(rate(Longitude),2) ) = GS * abs(cos(PitchAngle))

  • Frog 7 months ago

    idk, google says it's a toad

  • How do I make Auto aim turret? And what is the code? 11 months ago


    • guns or cannons (make sure you choose the right one)
    • only suitable for always upright applications
    • may be more lightweight on your device

    PlanariaLab and asteroidbook345:

    • can't find it on sp website for some reason, maybe you have to dig deeper
    • works for any aircraft attitude
    • accounts for parallax (distance between turret and cockpit)
    • more powerful, but more difficult to run and use

  • PSA: REMEMBER TO SAVE 1.5 years ago

    Also remember to save before leaving or loading another plane

  • Am I allowed to write Andrew garrison fan fiction 1.6 years ago

    Yes but only if it is praise of our mighty god

  • The Unfortunate Truth 1.9 years ago

    @Minecraftpoweer I don't really trust features because some of my worst-looking things got featured lmao

  • Why does no one use emojis? 2.0 years ago

    Imagine unironically using emojis

  • << Don’t you see?! >> [TEASER] 2.0 years ago


  • Questions About "Names" 2.0 years ago

    Well uh... a certain good song
    Old username and name on other websites (hpgbproductions) comes from a weird thing that my brother and I made

  • If There Was a Mascot for SP What Would it Be? 2.1 years ago

    Or just andrew garrison, the number 1 mascot

  • Update 1.9.205 2.2 years ago

    Game doesn't use the space of my long phone screen (2280x1080), huge black bars on either side of the game