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hello! i live in the US, don't assume that means i eat potato chips and big macks with coca cola to go along with. instead i am a proud foodie and homeschooler! as you could guess, i love airplanes!
favorite planes:
EA-6B Prowler

A-10 Thunderbolt

OV-1 Mohawk

Embraer KC-390

Bartini Beriev VVA-14


Myasishchev M-17

Focke-Wulf Triebflügel (Never built)

P-38 Lightning

B-25 Mitchel

F-14 Tomcat

Antonov AN-22

Martin JRM-3 Mars

(Not in that order specificaly, i cant choose between my children)
Zubr Class hovercraft:

Caspian sea monster (Yes, it existed)

Aleksandr Kuhanovich (AKA Babochka)

Complete list of SP XML stuff: