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  • Let L-410 Aeroflot 2 months ago

    Just thought about such pretty, and here it is. Thanks.

  • SWL-10 8 months ago

    Awesome creation, autopilot is great, amazing scripted start sequence. Thank you!

  • FT Guided Bomb KGB 3000 MK.1 9 months ago

    Great aiming camera indication and bomb guidance as well, thank you for the awesome work!

  • Simple MiG-21bis 11 months ago

    Great job! detalization and one of the most beautiful cockpit I've ever seen.

  • Flanker 50 Parts 1.5 years ago

    Awesome work!

  • SU-37 Flanker F 1.6 years ago

    Awesome helping AI, and cockpit interior realization.
    Thank you for this build.

  • [Big Plasma Cannon] LT-7 VER'TALIS one month ago

    Big boy :D

  • MT-5 Adept of Malice 2 months ago

    Drone is true Magic!

  • Giga Chad Little Bugger 3 months ago

    Awesome suspension setup, thank you!

  • Mil Mi-8 5 months ago

    This is awesome!

  • F-104C Starfighter 11 months ago

    Awesome, fast and stabile plane, reached 20M with no issue with adj engines.

  • The Jericho 11 months ago

    This is AWESOME man!

  • Gaz 24 "Volga" 1.1 years ago

    This is awesome work, so detailed!

  • NF-37 Deimos 1.3 years ago

    Fun to fly!

  • Press button via piston or LaunchCountermeasures automatic 1.5 years ago

    @driftanddriver I mean that the only way to Launch Countermeasures is the press the button, but this is one time action button. I want to automate Countermeasures Launch process. I suggested, that there can be way to push cockpit button via piston.

  • funky missile t2.0 1.5 years ago

    Nice pack!

  • Need help stabilizing the plane 1.5 years ago

    @TheHelpSeeker please kindly check my profile for Iteration 8. Tested, no wobbling at all. Maneuverability ok, no stall happen. Also need angle adjustments for Control Surfaces according to speeds ( maybe via funky threes) if you want better maneuverability without stall.

  • Need help stabilizing the plane 1.5 years ago

    Have you tried to make tail horizont stabs smaller? Also you may try to turn off wing physics via mod. Also on speeds 3k your plane have to be more solid. Made a bit adjusted ver and posted. BTW awesome plane design!