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  • PORKCHOP 2 8 months ago

    i might never kill a pig again in mc bc of this

  • Mech Shark 10 months ago


  • Goliath Centipede 10 months ago

    @LunchBox make a shark next :D

  • IFV ( unmodded version ) 5 months ago

    i put the back box because i was referring this design to an ifv in a game i that i play btw yes i took parts of the jackhammer drivers peek hole or whatever its called and put those parts in to create the hatch on the top and used that peek hole on my build @Bellcat

  • Torpedo bomber 6 months ago

    oh ty
    ill try that

  • help me plz 7 months ago

    ill be publishing the official 1 soon

  • help me plz 7 months ago

    oh ok ty i i did what u said and it works bit better

  • Idk whats wong 7 months ago

    @circlesquare56 np :)

  • Idk whats wong 7 months ago

    maybe the roll ailerons r too small or it could be the rotating jet engines could be the cause if thats not it then idk what it is

  • E 8 months ago


  • simple tank 9 months ago

    tank, just a tank

  • a-10 warthog 10 months ago


  • Goliath Centipede 10 months ago

    @LunchBox ty :DD

  • Sumthin 11 months ago

    please i need help on how to make cars if you do know how to make one then comment on any of my builds

  • Cluster bomber "let it rain death" one year ago

    Thank you to all of those who downloaded my bomber , i'm new to designing planes so if you have any tips for me feel free to tell me. :)