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  • I need something.... 9 months ago

    Ive been in that kind of a state before. You just need to step back, look at what you want from your creativity and work from there. Most importantly, create for yourself, if others appreciate it then that is a bonus, but dont focus on creating for others🤷‍♂️

  • 5K Celebration thanks for Gold 2.8 years ago

    what the hell is that? lol looks like a giant candy plane. congrats on gold!

  • Project XLIII (experimental) 2.8 years ago

    It sounds like you're getting too much lift from the wings. Try messing around with wing symmetry, might work.

  • [PINNED] Markdown Formatting 5.8 years ago

    Aahhhh its all good. The community will see you as a pioneer lol

  • [PINNED] Markdown Formatting 5.8 years ago

    Oh boy you have unleashed pics/gif and so onto this site. This is the first i seen pics

  • In search of Pusher/ Rear Facing prop Planes (POST HERE IF YOU MAKE THEM) 5.9 years ago

    There is 3 of my own builds. Hope you like them. My favorite is the pitch and roll experiment

  • infinite rotator 6.0 years ago

    What do you mean by infinite rotator? Cant you set it to freespin? Just wondering lol

  • Making fusilage nose cone clear? 9 months ago

    Thanks everyone👍

  • Best day ever! 2.3 years ago

    Please dont upvote this post. I didnt post for upvotes, just letting everyone in on the celebration. Seriously, pls do not upvote.

  • World War 2 cutest airplane 2.8 years ago

    well blow me over. it actually is a cute little WW2 plane lol. good details too.

  • I need a best you can do mig 2.8 years ago

    if you just want to fly an awesome MIG, try cjedwards. he made a few really good ones. but if you re upload it make sure not to take credit for the build. i have a few planes im happy to let you use to learn. really simple designs and fun to fly. im not worried about my old stuff.

  • Designer Light Settings 2.8 years ago

    @StancyBoi just have a go mate. If need be get as far as you can and inbox me. I will look at it and tweak it for you no probs.

  • deHavilland DH.88 Comet 3.2 years ago

    Wow just wow! Great detail and I love the writing.

  • North American T-28 Trojan 3.2 years ago

    @MailboxIsMyGender you're welcome

  • Found some inspiration 3.2 years ago

    @F104Deathtrap once I have some foundations created for the several aircraft I will edit this post. It's taking a bit to get used to the game again lol

  • Focke-Wulf Ta 152 4.2 years ago

    Still at it and still one of the best 😃

  • Clarifying Things Up. 4.2 years ago

    There will always be haters mate. Personally ive followed you for a long time. A year at the very least. Although i stopped building myself, its good to come back every now and then to see all the stuff ive missed. I dont know this TSAD group but it sounds like the group that General360 and a few others started a long time ago on kik. Point is, ignore it, they hate cos they cant match your groups skills.

  • Space Pirate fighter 4.7 years ago

    Still got that touch :)

  • Silent Running v1.0 4.7 years ago

    I go away for a while and comeback to see your even better now then before. Nice to see guys i know lol

  • AlienCraft 4.7 years ago

    I tried to build 1 of these ages ago lol. This is a lot better than mine XD Good job

  • Avenger 4.7 years ago

    This is a nice plane. Good work on the rebuild.

  • The scarlet Rose 4.7 years ago

    2 builds. A prop version and a jet conversion for laughs

  • The scarlet Rose 4.7 years ago

    @TemDesBur i still build periodically. Working on getting a pc so i can get more detail into my builds. I will post something in the next 2 weeks, still tweaking it. Its a rebuild of my version of the CAC wackett.

  • Ghepardo 4.8 years ago

    I like it :) good job

  • Help with balancing CoM, CoL, and CoT 4.9 years ago

    @Mrloominati mirror that could be the issue. Some times it dupes the parts on 1 side. Try mirror the othe sode and the mirror normal again. That might help.

  • Halo Pelican Build 5.0 years ago

    But you'll have to upload it so i can look at it

  • Halo Pelican Build 5.0 years ago

    Hey budy. I'll take a look at your pelican for you. How long have you been playing?

  • Aviown-253/JM "LADAKU" 5.0 years ago

    Still at it my friend. How have you been?

  • The scarlet Rose 5.5 years ago

    I see now lol XD @Djbanana

  • The scarlet Rose 5.5 years ago

    Sorry i dont remember you@Djbanana

  • I'm hopefully back 5.6 years ago

    Your still known to some. How have you been bro :)

  • help slows down when engine is on 5.7 years ago

    Yeah try changing prop rotation that should help

  • leaving for a while 5.7 years ago

    Thanx but i will still be here on the site just not building for a while@RedHawk @TehDuck @JacobHardy64 @Skua @SimpleName11 and yes really lol @Shatterfox

  • Sad Update... 5.7 years ago

    I got what you meant. I was only jokin with ya.

  • I NEED PRAYERS FAST!!!! 5.7 years ago

    If your i pad bricks. Its very easy to factory reset. Firstly attach it to a pc and back up anything you want to keep. Then do a factory reset. Also it cant turn on forever as the battery has only a small life. So in the end a factory reset should fix the brick issue. If not then dont download anything you are unsure about to begin with =)

  • X-8 - Ethereal Concept Frame 5.7 years ago

    Cant wait for the variants to this =)

  • BULSA- VGN - 03 (please read) 5.7 years ago

    It has a futuristic look. I say continue with the design.

  • dont pay any attention to this!! 5.7 years ago

    I couldnt help myself lol

  • The F-22 Raptor 5.7 years ago

    This is good ☺keep it up

  • Boeing 737-300 v1.0 5.7 years ago

    Nice interior detail :)

  • SKY WARS GAME 5.7 years ago

    It sounds cool

  • SKY WARS GAME 5.7 years ago


  • Star Fox Arwing (Remodel Mk I) 5.7 years ago

    Well there you go :)

  • Star Fox Arwing (Remodel Mk I) 5.7 years ago

    It needs vertical stabilizers .See if that works. If not check out some of the other arwings that are on the site :)

  • Star Fox Arwing (Remodel Mk I) 5.7 years ago

    I will have a look at it mate :)

  • Northrop YF-23 v1.0 5.7 years ago

    Beautiful plane as usual :)

  • Attempting a new shot at my Arwing design... 5.7 years ago

    And i have not played starfox for sooooi long lol

  • Attempting a new shot at my Arwing design... 5.7 years ago

    Nickasaurus has a tiny block that you can use to add wieght below the com. Its small enough to not really mess with your design. Even better if you can part clip it inside the fusilage

  • PL-RW1 5.7 years ago

    This has a nice look to it. Great job