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  • Severe Concerns about Jundroo and SR2 6.2 years ago

    Guys, belive me or not, but YOU DO HAVE OBJECTIVES IN SIMPLE PLANES.
    You have combat missions, racings, other challenges, even when you are playing sanbox there is goals that you determine for yourselfs! So why exactly there will be such a problem having objectives in SR2?!
    Don't be afraid, you'll get sanbox mod for SR2, there is no real reason for it not to be implemented.
    You asking why they putting so much effort in the new game? Because if you want to make something better, sometimes, you just need to start from the blank. There is plenty of issues in SP that MUST be reworked (air drag system, flat map, pointless calculations for every single part in your craft, e.t.c.)
    From the wery first release version of SimplePlanes we all payd nothing for any update. SimplePlanes community is growing, but it is not enogh to mentain stable income, so how there is two ways: start selling updates as DLC and became 'indi' version of EA, or be nice guys and develop new game that actually will worth every cent we all will spend on it.
    Do you really need more reasons?

  • This one goes back a bit... 3.8 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison, nah, you did amazing job in this interview. It is really entertaining to watch.

  • SimplePlanes 2 Announcement Trailer 2 months ago

    Simple announcement that brought me back to a simplier, happier times. Thanks!

  • Oh wait I have 125K points now 4.6 years ago

    Congrats, you deserve every earned point =)

  • How do i reach the simpleplanes file AircraftDesigns? 7.9 years ago

    On pc: C: - users - username - appdata - locallow - numerology - simple planes - aircraft designs. I wrote that from memory, hope it is correct.

  • Imperium, Tau, Eldar symbols and Japan tail insignia. 2.9 years ago

    @DEVGRU1775 yes, of course.

  • SPVR - Fuselage Slice 2.9 years ago

    Well done, @WNP78, what a legend!

  • Aichi D3A("Val") 1.1 3.0 years ago

    @ThatOneThiccPlaneStealer yep average replica looks from 5.5 years ago, welcome to the time travel.

    p.s. it is not like I will manage to do better job today since I not played this game for so long.

  • MiG-21 Fishbed 3.8 years ago

    @DimitriIqbal91 np =) Nice plane.

  • Fuel Truck 5.7 years ago

    @Gestour nice =)

  • "White Shark" SPGW Multirole Turboprop Fighter 5.7 years ago

    Thanks guys!
    @LancasterAce @Chancey21 @getorge

  • Tupolev Tu-29 “Moose” 6.2 years ago

    @OC3LOT1142 your welcome =)

  • SDF Sparrow IV AS 6.2 years ago

    @FastDan yep, it is.

  • XML edited engines. 7.3 years ago

    @Masterguy6579 oh, those apple "safety" policies...

  • Softex V-24L(Mobile Friendly) 8.0 years ago

    @WalrusAircraft oh we missing you guys! And I wasn't here too for a while =( How are you?

  • 2S19 Msta 8.5 years ago

    Good idea and nice fulfillment :)

  • Worm Mk 3 2.1 years ago

    @Inuyasha8215 was it miss click? xD

  • Soviet Red & White star. 2.8 years ago

    @parkrangerjerry not sure if it is still a thing, but you were able to substract detail from a drag model in a XML (I might confuse it with Unity modding) and scale down its weight.

  • Militech Strategic Bomber 2.9 years ago

    Nice beginner craft.
    Bit low on the fuel.
    Handling is OK.
    Not sure why strategic bomber has cannons, but its fine.
    Bombs will fill better with lower fire delay, so you can properly "carpet bomb".

    I'd recommend to use structural wings hack for more sturdy wings, but its optional.

    Welcome to the community =)

  • SPVR - Fuselage Slice 2.9 years ago

    @bunzaii33 there will be no ability to build anything in VR exclusive version, so every designer related feature will come to the regular game.

  • Soviet Red & White star. 3.0 years ago

    @TheLegendaryTea np =)

  • Another flags and insignias pack. 3.1 years ago

    @SpletzerAvion sorry, I can't even remember when I've launched SP last time.
    But try searching country name you are interested in.

  • (Ended)Challenge! 1939-1945 Fighters Championship! 3.8 years ago

    @Alwaysplanes IDK if you just troll me. Look at the date, it was ended 4 years ago.

  • New Beta - v1.10.103 3.9 years ago

    @KnightOfRen it depends on how fast update will be reviewed by the Play Store.
    I've once vated for the 1.5 month to just publish closed beta on my app.

  • SPGW Engineer 3.9 years ago

    @metaphysicalgnome, друже, дякую увагу, але я не впевненний що ще коли небуть щось створю в цій грі.
    1. Я втратив майже всі навички.
    2. Часу ледве вистачає на працю. В мене зараз 3 проекти на паузі, я вже мовчу про оновлення для моїх ігр на itch.io
    3. Simple Rockets 2 виглядає набагато перспективніше, якщо туди додадуть більше фіч з SP то краще вже щось створювати там. Або почекати вже SP2.

  • Challenge! Soviet tank building school. 4.6 years ago

    @Cheese7352 you can use it for whatever reason you want. But there is plenty more up to date or simply better shassis that you can use. This one is outdated as hell.

  • New Beta - Version 1.9.100 (Steam today - Mobile soon) 4.6 years ago

    @Kyle123344 they can add them as option which will be disabled by default.

  • Aichi D3A 4.6 years ago

    @spectre118 I described whole situation below, I dont know what to say more if you still did not got it.

  • Aichi D3A 4.6 years ago

    @spectre118 No, it was'nt submitted for the ww1 challenge. Challenge ended 4 years ago, this plane was published 3.8 years ago. Calculate it.
    This plane was built from my other save that was based on my other plane that was submited for ww1 challenge. There was some ubdate that messed up high level successor planes, that why you can see this one as successor to challenge.

  • Aichi D3A 4.6 years ago

    @spectre118 did I somewhere stated that this plane somehow related to the first WW?

  • Red Star 5.2 years ago

    @ChrisETH, np =)

  • Red Star 5.3 years ago

    @ELITEGAMEZZZ, honestly I can't remember, try to searh for them, I'm not only one who made them.

  • SSV NORMANDY SR1 v1.1 5.3 years ago

    @OverwatchgamingYT, yeah it was build on so much different game and engine version so I surprised it still even flies somehow =)
    Also it is true that it wasn't stable enough from the very beginning.
    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Another flags and insignias pack. 5.4 years ago

    @Khashenzo, thank you =)

  • Another flags and insignias pack. 5.4 years ago

    @Khashenzo, sorry, I really have no time for this.

  • The Lamest Beta Ever 5.4 years ago

    @EdgeOfSzon please, use this link to browse and suggest any ideas for future updates.

  • Another Flags Pack 5.4 years ago

    @enzoBoeing757 yep, they made for it =)

  • SPGW Engineer 5.7 years ago

    @WarHawk95 omg, this meant to be an unleasted craft...

  • Fuel Truck 5.7 years ago

    @ChallengerHellcat X-ray mod, apparently.

  • "White Shark" SPGW Multirole Turboprop Fighter 5.7 years ago

    @Mumpsy @WahrscheinlichIch

  • Imperium, Tau, Eldar symbols and Japan tail insignia. 5.7 years ago

    @CptJacobson yep =)

  • Red Star 5.9 years ago

    @Gurevich here you go

  • SDF Sparrow IV AS 6.0 years ago

    @YuraCat, hi, I'm ok. Currently I'm visiting VKSP every week, so I'm still there =)

  • SDF Sparrow IV AS 6.2 years ago

    @DimaKosheleFF yep, it's back! =)

  • Robot Head Update (Blood) 6.2 years ago

    Eat all humans =)

  • SDF 'Benkei' class Assault Cruiser 6.2 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot and old, thanks, bro =)

  • SDF Sparrow IV AS 6.2 years ago

    @Nguyenhuuhao0101 yep, for sure. Here, grab it

  • SDF Sparrow IV AS 6.2 years ago

    @Nguyenhuuhao0101 sorry, pal, I can't find in the mods list here.
    It is named Carrier in the mod menu, I hope this will help you to find it.

  • SSV NORMANDY SR1 6.5 years ago

    @DEDSEC14 that because it is spaceSHIP xD

  • Modded Old prop engines 6.5 years ago

    @CDRxavier, if I remember correctly it can't work under water, but It can work inside block/fuselage part thought. But I highly recommend you to test it by yourself.