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Likely to post a build, stay tuned

"I'm a traveler from distant world, seperated from my partner. I'm now here to find what does this world means, and by what I said, i need to know where i am, and how do i get back to normal situation."
I make replicas like aircraft and ships. I keep my builds part count low as possible, while keeping the details and functionality of the build. You can modify my builds, no need to ask me permission. Just don't forget to give me credits,or else i'll smack you with a pan.
FYI, I make my builds on a 7 y/o phone, that could barely load 1k part builds, neither more than 500 part build. (pls have mercy, im broke)
(i speak all language, i dont mind the language barrier; i use translator lol)

Games I play:

-Simpleplanes (dekanii)
-Roblox (TheProHack2010; pls forgive this cringy name)
-Minecraft (i forgor)
-Atlantic Fleet (did anyone rly play this anymore)
-Genshin Impact (dekanii; heh dont ask why)
-Papers, Please (good game)

My builds list:

Top: Newest
Bottom: Oldest
USS Fletcher DD-445
GD RB-57 Canberra
Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly
USNS Mercy
USS Growler SSG-577
Foxtrot Class Submarine
PBM-5A Mariner
USS Nautilus SSN-571(Black Color)
USS Casablanca CVE-55
USS Gato SS-212
USS Currituck AV-7
Castle-Class Corvette
Fairchild T-46 Eaglet
Handley Page Victor
Vickers Valiant
Avro Vulcan
Messerschmitt Me-323 Gigant
C-2 Greyhound
Cessna O-1 Bird Dog
A-3B Skywarrior
SH-3 Sea King
E-2 Hawkeye
P-2V Neptune
SH-2 Seasprite
E-1 Tracer
CH-37 Mojave
Myasishchev VM-T Atlant
MXY-7 Ohka

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To anyone who didn't like the bland description format when posting aircraft:

Tutorial for description format by @Zaineman

Made this account: 12 May 2023 (approx.)

Curated Build(s):
O-1 Dog Bird
PBM Mariner
Sikorsky H-5

Bronze: 20 July 2023 (approx.)
Build: Myasishchev VM-T Atlant

Silver: 10 March 2024 (approx.)
Build: E-2C Hawkeye

Gold: 4 May 2024
Build: AV-7 USS Currituck

Platinum: TBA
Build: TBA

Most downloaded: PBM Mariner
Most upvotes: PBM Mariner

Go check all of my builds!

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