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Hi there! Before you leave , know some stuff about me:
I am a human being , not a robot just in case you are wondering , 'cause nowadays every website considers you a robot.Now to my actual self
I am a boy from Bangladesh , a country east of the Indian sub-continent . If you didn't know about this place , don't feel bad , because almost every foreigner who hears about this country doesn't know it exists.Don't know why that is.

I like to create mostly planes , but also like non-airplanes a fair amount.And military grade stuff , of course.
But it's not only that , I also like space related stuff , although I don't think I will ever create one.But out of the list of space , I like sattelites , shuttles , Anti-Earth-laser-sattelite-sort-of-stuff , and militart space craft , of course.

And for final words , please don't hate me if you hate military , and I hope you are not annoyed by me uploading mainly military stuff.

And for more final words , ................... Ahhhhhh....... I can't remember my sentence.

But I remember it in another language:
??? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ??

Thanks for reading!

Previously known as metallicplanes