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  • baja1000 4.2 years ago


  • Downforce Wings 4.2 years ago

    @SkyFly Yup, you gotta leave it on the little pylon/stick.

  • Gold Prix 4.4 years ago

    @StraightOuttaSnacks Thing is, trying to actually be competitive is no fun. It's not about design... you just XML edit floating wheels, wings and engines inside a chassis block because "no mods" doesn't really mean no modding.

    Sure you can just enter a legit nudge-free design "for fun", but then its not really a tournament anymore.

  • Gold Prix 4.4 years ago

    @StraightOuttaSnacks The vast majority of entries are untested and just run down the clock to... 4 minutes, I think?

  • Downforce Wings 4.4 years ago

    @Stevoaviation @LooperEpic You can use it in the tournament, if thats what you're asking.

  • BAJA Buggy v4 4.5 years ago

    Amazing design!

  • Gold Prix 4.5 years ago

    Airstip drag's winner gets 0:24.


    I give up :P. I can make good "unmodded" nudge cars, but it's just not very fun to me.

    Mod class cars on the other hand... that's a different deal and should be fun.

  • Stadium Super Truck 1:1 4.5 years ago

    Nice suspension too

  • Tournament Truck MK4 4.5 years ago

    @AlexTheStampede Thanks!

    It's about as fast as a car with stock parts and no jets can go! I might make a modded version though.

  • Dampfwanze XII 4.5 years ago

    Oh wow, this thing finishes riding dirty in 0:33 too.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @Alienbeef0421 how was our race? I didn't see it.

    We would always crash in testing, so I bet it was messy :P

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @Generalkeath you can't scale the parts, but you can rotate them.

  • J-RC3 DragShift 4.5 years ago

    I like this design :)

  • Dampfwanze XII 4.5 years ago

    Foiled again! :P


  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    2nd place again!

    Dang, just missed the stream though.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @Firebird87 You don't, the AI drives the car for you.

    You test it by going to main menu -> sandbox -> race against opponents, then select snow crawl, select your entry, and check the AI box.

  • AMX Leclerc 2A1 4.5 years ago

    @marcox43 Still has some trouble with that last hill though, as we all do :P

    Try angling the back wing down and moving it forward, it helps the tank land on its feet instead of its nose.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @Alienbeef0421 You should try taking a few off, seems to work well without them.

  • AMX Leclerc 2A1 4.5 years ago

    Thanks. No start collisions, which is good.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @marcox43 Ours accelerate at a similar rate and get their wheels all tangled up at the start... And it usually doesnt end well.

    Yeah, whoever rams from behind usually has a disadvantage, as the debris drops off and hit the car that's behind.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    So I tested a few designs people posted


    Your racer (https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/fYS9m6/Luna-Aurelia-SC-v-1-1) and mine (https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/r8t17U/Tournament-Truck-MK4) do not get along... They annihilate each other before the 2nd ring most of the time.

    I'm seriously considering disabling collision now, but that's no fun :P

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @MizukiToy @Typhlosion130

    Did you enter that? I just tested it, and AI doesn't drive it in a straight line, barely makes it to the 2nd ring.

    Again, the procedure for testing your vehicle should really be written in the tournament guidelines...

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago


    The winner from Riding Dirty almost makes it, and mine does it in 1:10. I'm pretty sure a many-wheel nudge design could break 1:00 if anyone entered one.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @CrazyBrick15 If it's consistent, it's good!

    Winning time will probably be around 1:00 though :P

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago


    Still easy to miss though. Tourneys need more time on the front page.

    Also, big bold text that tells people how to test their cars would really help... Many (maybe even most?) entries don't even look like they were tested with the AI, which gives us some boring races.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    Not a ton of entries so far.

    @AndrewGarrison ,ya'll should consider leaving tournaments on the front page for longer periods after this. Before, that would've attracted too many entries, but that's no longer a problem.

    In fact, you should really put this tournament back on the front page for another day or 2 so it gets more exposure.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @Intensifier of course

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    @Intensifier It's in the main menu. You pick 2 cars, 1 will always be AI and the other has a check box to be driven by the AI.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago


    Yeah. You're supposed to test your car with the AI in the "Snow Crawl" race... I feel like they should make that more clear in the tournament rules.

  • Snow Crawl 4.5 years ago

    So has anyone broken 1:10 yet?

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    @Geekpride Try putting the vertical stabilizers in the same plane as the center of mass, lower on the body.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    Oh, and if anyone is looking for down force wings, I made some for the last tourn here:


  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    @MRstadlles Indeed. Most of these entries can breeze through Riding Dirty but barely make it through Snow Crawl.

    How many people are considering disabling collision? I like the fun of wrecks, but I don't want my entry to lose round 1 because it rear ends someone 3 times in a row...

  • Fish Bo-NZ - Snow Crawl Torney Car! 4.6 years ago

    I like this entry, looks sleek.

  • Tournament Truck MK4 4.6 years ago

    @Typhlosion130 Yeah, in MK2 I limited the rear arm joints to 15 degrees of rotation for Riding Dirty so it could survive the last hill. I left it like that in MK3. Apparently (with less weight above the suspension now) it doesn't need that anymore, and giving it more suspension travel helps it survive that big landing.

    It was a problem with landing though, not turning. I got plenty of fins for the turns :P

  • Tournament Truck MK4 4.6 years ago

    @Typhlosion130 ...No?

    It works nearly 100% for me, does it do the same on your computer?

  • Shockwave RS Snow Edition 4.6 years ago

    Great entry!

    But it's only using 2 of the 4 engines atm, probably from mirroring.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    @marcox43 It would save us from those dreaded DNF runs.

    I kinda like the flipping risk though. Makes the course tougher.

  • Tournament Truck MK3 4.6 years ago

    @TTHHSSSS Yeah, that's 36 250% springs it's compressing too.

    It really needs more stiffness and dampening, but there isn't any room! :P

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    @Typhlosion130 Here's a quick and dirty edit, just added/doubled surfaces and no other tweaking: https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/53r1n4/T-4-E3-The-Blue-Bolt-EDIT

    Your tank is hell bent on taking out my truck when they race together:

    EDIT2: fixed link: https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/b8XqH2/Tournament-Truck-MK3

    Also, these same designs can easily finish Riding Dirty with good times. This course is definitely harder.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    Just got 1:09 8/10 runs with contact starts. That's all I got, hopefully it's good enough.

    @Typhlosion130 I turned those side panels on your tank into control surfaces, and it stays RIGHT on my tail the whole run. In fact, it was ramming me from behind with the airbrakes on, which motivated me to remove them.



  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    Just got 1:17, made it 7/8 runs using both starts.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    @LiamW In the last race, it was mostly about not breaking on impact.

    But there's alot more airtime here. Now cars have to fly through the air on those last few jumps and land right side up.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    Getting a fairly consistent 1:22 now.


    And that's with 10 pitch-bound airbrakes, I think I can speed it up a little.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    I like this race.

    Scratch what I said in my last comment. I Just tried a few cars from Riding Dirty, and unlike that run, no amount of downforce will keep you tethered to the ground. When going fast, you WILL get alot of airtime, which means you need a suspension to control how you leave the ground...

    In other words, nudge cards have less of an advantage, as they would need big suspensions too.

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    @AudioDud3 Lots and lots of downforce is the answer :P

  • Snow Crawl 4.6 years ago

    Yeah, that last hill gets my riding dirty entry too.

  • Ford GT 4.7 years ago

    Looks like a Bugatti EB110 to me, which isn't a bad thing.

  • Riding Dirty 4.7 years ago

    @Typhlosion130 Yeah, especially the one with mine and Marcox's. It was an epic battle.

    I think nudge cars are gonna be the defecto design after this. Spread out wheels + some floating engines until you hit the part limit is as efficient as a car can be, and it helps cars alot more than it helps planes.

  • 0:55 tournament truck mk2 4.7 years ago

    @Typhlosion130 Actually I was kinda hoping to see a battle between the 2 tanks :P