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  • Boeing 737-200 American Airlines 1.2 years ago

    nice livery.. thank you.. good job..

  • Sukhoi SU-37 8 months ago

    @agundamfan congratulatons
    here another version and setup

    updated version 1

    updated version 2

    other collection *fictional

    and another *fictional

  • Boeing 737-200 11 months ago

    @Chuckles2006 sure

  • Boeing 737-200 one year ago

    @Foxybill05 its up to you.. im okay

  • Betelgeuse 1.9 years ago

    amazing sculpture
    betelgeuse (beetle juice)
    Aristotle (Air is Total)

  • Airliner lovers: Why do I have to give someone else credit for airliner cockpits? 2.0 years ago

    @QingyuZhou thank you for credit.. nice workshop.. now we have seamless 737 cheek, which was difficult to achieve back then.. maybe my 777 9x nose will be in the next hollow cockpit workshop since it reusable as template for [777series & 767series (similar basic shape)]
    [dc10 & md11 (similar basic shape with sligtly different side windshield)]

  • dc 11 one month ago

    aw so cute tail engine

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 5 months ago

    @Mmdben :D you are good mummy with big heart for sure

  • RAH-66 COMANCHE BOEING / SIKORSKY 5 months ago

    @Mmdben im not using gyro, because not in the game yet back then, so im using precise xml edit to distribute weight and positioning of powerful nozzle.. this is basically hybrid fixed wing plane with hidden wing for forward control surface and use standard wing as rotor blade for lift

  • Boeing 737-200 one year ago

    @Foxybill05 congratulations

  • A6M2b ZERO Model21 (Hiryuu) 1.2 years ago

    @ShiroNeko cool.. no problem..

  • Boeing 777 9X 1.2 years ago

    nice improvement.. btw as long as you make some modification to the plane and mention original creator or using successor system it still deserve upvote

  • A6M2b ZERO Model21 (Hiryuu) 1.2 years ago

    very nice improvement man.. back then i cant make round shape since the older version of SP is not support it yet

  • Add some stuff and pass it on 1.3 years ago

    @Fabernackle @exosuit thank you guys I'm very appreciated it, maybe he new in this community and i disagree to plagiarism but we have to support him to make original creation

    so @Landonmo1129 its okay man, nice paint job, you can use Successors/Predecessor feature in this site or simply mention it in description column to respect other player eg:(base model by "original creator name" and its originally repaint by "your name") for your reference from other players

    but in the end, since the medal score feature of this community is made to honor and motivate us to make useful and fun creation so lets upvote him

  • Boeing 737 Max 2 1.8 years ago

    nice this is 737 MAX 12 since MAX 10 Length is 44m

  • Comanche RAH-66 1.9 years ago

    @CobraCommand have a nice day

  • RAH-66 COMANCHE BOEING / SIKORSKY 2.0 years ago

    @breitling oho its true.. nope its too hard for me :D

  • RAH-66 COMANCHE BOEING / SIKORSKY 2.2 years ago

    @ViridiCinis yes maybe if its 100 it will be like ufo or anti-gravity.. actually i didt calculate the Power/Weight Ratio.. the main thing is :
    - use wing part as rotor blade
    - adjust the speed of rotator and find right speed
    - to achieve right amount of down thrust so the height not changing when its hover on idle
    so this chopper go up and down using aileron angle of spinning wings without increase/decrease rotator speed as throttle..
    to make it more stable :
    - set the weight distribution to dead center of rotor axis
    - make it as coaxial rotor system to prevent the body yaw interrupted by rotor torque (since gyroscope not exist yet in the time i build this)
    - downsize each blade in y-axis so they appear more thin and to prevent huge vibration

  • Scania zwaar boxtruck 2.4 years ago

    BDF Tandem will be cool

  • Boeing 777 9X [low detail] 2.7 years ago

    @UFNNICF5TF sure you go.. but i think it needs lot of adjustments.. cos its quite different.. HERE 757 the reference and HERE 777 but the windshield shape is more similar..

  • Sukhoi Su-37 Terminator 3.2 years ago

    @ChaMikey naaah.. this is full of modded parts..

  • How to conquer ice base (super easy) 3.9 years ago

    use this
    attach to any aircraft you like
    shoot it from here
    one hit is enough..

  • Boeing 737-200 13 days ago

    @Kingboiiiiiiii i think that was version glitch

  • Boeing 737-200 one month ago

    @Kingboiiiiiiii really?

  • Boeing 737 war plane one month ago

    @Connorb714 its okay.. good work..

  • Boeing 737 war plane one month ago

    nice, it looks russian, and its cool

  • Boeing 737-200 2 months ago

    @Jake9912 enjoy the flight :D

  • Boeing 737-200 2 months ago

    @MinecraftKidGuy oh that is because this plane was built in older version, sure you can ask someone to fix this, cos i cant help you for now

  • AC-135 Smoky 2 months ago

    i like the nose paint

  • Boeing 737-200 Stealth Bomber 2 months ago

    @TOXICJohnny thanks enjoy the plane

  • Boeing 737-200 KLM 2 months ago

    thank you, nice livery

  • RAH-66 COMANCHE 3 months ago

    nice, thank you very much

  • Anti Ship Missile II 3 months ago

    @Aircraftftw your welcome

  • Boeing 737-200 4 months ago

    @MasterShi thankyou verymuch

  • A6M ZERO 4 months ago

    @TheMitsuboshiBoi sure they are so overpowered i wish im american citizen :D

  • Anti Ship Missile II 4 months ago

    @TristanSuper24 enjoy

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 5 months ago

    @Mmdben i know.. Pharaoh tomb is the joke part right?

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 5 months ago

    @Mmdben haha what a worth conversation

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 5 months ago

    @Mmdben indonesia, you?

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 5 months ago

    @Mmdben :D yes its not really replica tho

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 5 months ago

    @CptJacobson sure

  • MIG 1.47 EAF 8 months ago

    @DLBr0k3nH34rt sure

  • Sukhoi SU-37 8 months ago

    @agundamfan i understand.. you can repaint it tho :D

  • Boeing 777 9X [low detail] 8 months ago

    @roboavionesXD1 Felicidades

  • Boeing 777 9X [low detail] 9 months ago

    @Megagordan your welcome, congratulations

  • Boeing 737-200 9 months ago

    @SimpleFanJF sure no problem

  • Leopard A1A1 Preview 9 months ago

    wohaa.. tank with battleship artillery

  • Cozy Coupe 9 months ago

    @M4A4Firefly as you wish