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I started playing jundroo games from the very beginning. I was bored so I tried bridge basher which was jundroo's first game. I loved it and went on to play simple physics, which my cousins recommended. I played this for a year until I found simple rockets and simple planes. Although I disliked simple rockets, I did find simple planes to be jundroo's best game. Later, I started playing world of tanks, which is where I got a lot of my ideas for my tank builds. I also enjoy everything lord of the rings and Star Wars, and I love me a good joke or meme once in a while. My world of tanks name is ASG_ The _Destroyer (no spaces between the underscores). if you ever want to platoon :), and my Lord of the Rings Online character name is Haltbien if you ever see me on the Brandywine server. Finally, I recently started playing war thunder, and my username is ASG02. (NOTE: I kinda quit War Thunder some time ago).