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Player Biography  

Hi! I'm an 18 year old who loves history, mainly WW2. I’m one of the oldest mobile users on the site, joining over 5 years ago. I used to be big into this game and Warthunder, but I don’t really play many games anymore.

I started with aircraft, but moved on to tanks, mostly replicas. I then took a break for a few months, except for a few forum posts. Now, I build what I’m interested in, and tallships definitely fit that description.

Current (Long Term) Projects:
Cutter of indeterminate gun-amount
Whatever my interests are

On Deck:
IJN Tone
Vigilant Class Refit
May war 5 Turreted battleship
Wright 5 Turreted Battleship
YNS Thomasin
Yeager Battleship
Wright Corvette
Yeager Destroyer
Wright Cruiser
How To Build Sails: A Guide

Personal Stuff:
My favorite hobby is Scale Modeling, my favorite being the airfix 1/72 scale Churchill.

My favorite movies are (in no order):
Full Metal Jacket
Kingsman 1 and 2
A Bridge Too Far
Master and Commander

Famous People I’ve met:
Nick Moran (The Chieftain)

Final Stuff:
I live in the U.S
I would like to live in either Iceland or Japan
My favorite tank is the Churchill Mk.VII
My favorite ship is the USS Constitution