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Status: Kinda active. Still taking a break from SP

Hello there and welcome to my profile!

Something about me
I'm 15 y/o boy
I live in Turkey
You can also call me "Ege"
I like to make new friends and I'm trying to be kind all the time
I like to use emojis (or sometimes just :) and :D)

I really like to help people. If you need help with something, I'll help you as much as I can. Feel free to ask me about help!

Please feel free to ask anything you want, I'll reply to you kindly as always :)

And please don't be a rude person, just ask me "why" or "how" or etc. before you talk trash to me

My discord: Lancelot#9423
Send me a friend request! I won't bite you



A message to anyone thinking of making an SP Server:
Just know the difficulties that come with it. Advertising is almost impossible without a "partnership". If you do get enough members and an active enough server, you'll need moderators.

This is where I messed up. After leaving a server and then getting owner in the server, I didn't change the mod team, leaving to a messy change when I did. As they were... Less than thrilled with being banned for their less than ideal server behaviour. So they got a friend with a role they had modified beforehand to ban everyone they could.

So keep your eyes on the logs, and all that. Inspect every change carefully, and make sure that your roles do not allow for this dumb stuff.

While a mild inconvenience and annoyance, I shall continue to try and work on the server. And if you were banned from Aviator's Chat suddenly/randomly, I apologize. Here is the link:

What I make
I make plens, yes plens :D, helicopters, submarines, cars etc.

Nvm what I said above, I always try to do something new and sometimes useless and always trying my best

I really suck at replicas but I'm trying to improve myself

I'm not the best and I'm not pointing to be the best. I just want to help people with having a good time and make good builds

That's all for now
Stay safe, and see you later :)

Previously known as ImANewbie, ImAGoodFriend, NikoBellic, StarryNightLover, DaCoconutNut, Zui