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I'm Zerø. Call me Zero if that's inconvenient.
Your, not so average Indonesian (weird).

one clearly addicted to vtubers (I've noticed that I've scaled back down, might increase it again.)

lover of the F-15 Eagle family (I'm biased)
I have made 15 F-15 Eagles over 4 years, most of them uploaded, some of them never uploaded

funny enough the first genuine plane I tried to make was the F-5 (it didn't fly straight)

pfp isn't by me, I'm not an artist
it's by @rukacchi0907 on Twitter/X, I merely "borrowed" it

Current Build Style:
Flight model - Will be focused towards semi-realistic to realistic handling. Will not be making an exact handling of whatever the aircraft is. (The accuracy is centered towards Mobile - Low Physics. High physics might have a different accuracy.)
Replica - Mostly will be made in a Part Efficient Aircraft style, focused towards player experience than AI compatibility. Will sometimes make a genuine effort on replicas.
Fictional - Will try to put genuine effort into fictionals, to the best of my knowledge.

Current Device Limitation:
Part Count - Max. 700-800 Parts
Performance Cost - Max ~3300 Points
Device - Android (Samsung Galaxy A03S)

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Discord (Most Active)
zerowslasho / ZerøW/Ø#1733


Twitter / X