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Got Padoru lol

Btw this panel will remove in 24 Dec.

Found SP: 2021
(2016 initially, due to not interest)
Create acc: around March 2023
(October 2022 initially, giving to someone caus lose pass)

Quick Note:

  • This player are no longer accepting request and any suggestions.

  • I'm mainly focusing fictional plen, sometime making livery paint.

  • All of my post are mobile friendly, so don't expect to see too much details.

Our useless discord servers
The Humble SimplePlanes Server.
Discord username: @ZerkkZxe#7089 or fiqzerkk

i own 2 fictional company,

And ofc its:


Originally it's Zerkk Xmanufactur Enterprise (Zxe), due to disbanded issues, I'm no longer using that.

We are Malaysian aircraft and transportation design company in SimplePlanes.

My bio is after the end of link section.

Some link maybe you interested:


people who visit to my bored bio.

User status: Active, something.

Zerkk here, Also known as AFQ, Fiq, FQz, Fiqhaz (RL name, guess the full name😉. Never said)
I'm........Malaysian. Not chinese (for dat user think I'm Chinese)
Anime addict.
Phonk enjoyer.
Trijet aircraft lover.
Random Social media. (I guess)

TikTok acc. I'm mostly active here sometime.
YouTube channel also. I guess.
My 2nd SimplePlanes acc

My fellow Malaysians:

Shi na (aka Loli Learjet uhhh?1?1?1?1??.)
She's using my first SP acc that I forgot the password bruhh.
13 ah yes simple number XD
Loneliness or lonely?

Virtually everyone in the Community is my friend.
If I made any mistaken or anything that make you mad, please forgive me.

Other games I play:

Pubg Mobile

Random SimplePlanes image:

(Some of image are clickable)

Previously known as ZxeAviWeebzz, ZxeOtakuAviation, ZerkkZxeSP, ImZerkkZxe, ZerkkTheSimper, ZerkkZxe