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I will change my name to ZerkkOtakuGuy again, after 1 month don worry.
I am your typical fictional, airliner, Otaku guy.

I'm here just build and upload for fun. Ofc they all are mobile friendly, so don't expect to see any details. Any request will be ignored. Honestly.

That's point system are usually just an art, so idc about it.

Ps: some of old build post were removed, and some of them has removed description due to image host broken.

All user are free to use my plane, but would be nice if it auto credit or tag me in comment.
Start account (24 Feb 2023, initially 10 Oct 2022 now deleted)
October 2023 (Reached platinum)
Start making replica (2024)

from 24 Feb 2023

About me
Southeast Asian
Ordinary Worker
Born in enough to drink.
(Sometime I'm acting like kids)

Things I like (some user put this, so I decided to put mine)
Seeing fr24 when bored
Hugging cat
Being animeishh
Play games (mostly)

Contact: (Only in discord.)
Discord username fiq_thegmr
Don't expect to see me online 24/7, I have too many things to do in RL.
My Discord server be careful with some of member. They f1

Full list of my post
Mod for Android
Juno acc

Previously known as ZxeAviWeebzz, ZxeOtakuAviation, ZerkkZxeSP, ImZerkkZxe, ZerkkTheSimper, ZerkkZxe, ZerkkFujimi, ZerkkZxe, ZerkkOtakuGuy