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Hello, stranger.

I made fictional and mobile friendly stuff. Sometime will make cursed livery when bored enough.
(That's my goal in this game)
Edit: I can somehow (kinda) make s replica.

About me

I'm the mysterious guy found somewhere (probably) in this website. I've joined this website in 2022 being a white rank user and download random user stuff and studying to make my own builds, later I forgot da password (it's make me pain for a while). And now I joined for second time (this user) in February 2023. And I decided to started build plane, and I realize making a plane more fun than downloading others build. That's how I joined this SimplePlanes website. :)
I'm from Malaysian. Now got a little job and being half worker for minimarket. Things I like is plane, car, watching anime and gaming, I can somehow edit anime pic. Some people call me bocchi fan or fiq"z in irl. That's all about me.

Something link

Discord server (dead)
My Discord username:

ZerkkZxe#7089 (no longer active)

YouTube <you can see some cringy video.
TikTok <here's also you can see my cringy video.
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2nd acc
This isn't me

Your Favorite stuff in SP
Something that can explode your potato device
Best stuff in all time
Hidden dev console code
If you making an airliner, maybe this Is a good stuff

About Reuploading my build

You can reupload it, idc literally, but please don't reupload without modification.

Some image I found

Previously known as ZxeAviWeebzz, ZxeOtakuAviation, ZerkkZxeSP, ImZerkkZxe, ZerkkTheSimper, ZerkkZxe, ZerkkFujimi