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status: active

currently working on:

  • F-84 Thunderjet (collaboration with @brians1209)

    this build is designed to test our technical knowledge and do something that, to the best of our knowledge has not been done before --- between 30 and 70% complete

  • secret

    secret the only thing i will say is... you are probably going to need a better device --- ?%

  • Rafale C

    First major panelling attempt --- 35%

Planes on my to-do list
- F9C-2 Sparrowhawk user requested
- beechcraft model 18 user requested
- USS Gerald R. Ford user requested
- Avatar movie "scorpion" gunship user requested
- su-25t frogfoot
- A-10 Warthog
- F4F wildcat
- Fw 190 d9
- C-17 Globemaster III

shelved projects

  • Peel P50
  • IKEA
  • Saab Draken
  • Ho-XVIIIa
  • f3h Demon

complete aircraft catalog

here it be
(Please note that when there are multiple variations of the same aircraft I provide the link to the newest)

My pick

Mitsubishi T-2
SA-2 Samson

Pls note also that my highlighted planes are simply the ones I want to share, they are not necessarily my best work

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