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I am Zhuarev ONI, i'm been a ysflight modder that enter in this comunity in 2014 (i think...)

my strange nickname ''zhuarev'' it says ''zarev''

My info
i actually have 19 years old, i liked planes since my 5 years old, at 10 years i did start in simulation world, i like realism, with this im start in ysflight like modder, but i'm exit because i have problems with an admin (welshy if you see this, F*ck you !!!), i like music, like rock, metal, rapcore, indy, electronic (not dupstep) classic music and more. my favourite ''real'' aircraft is the SU-47 Berkut prototype.
i'm a expert in forward swept wing aircraft models, i did make OniCorp and zhuarev industries.inc,

What's it's ZRV and OC companies?

Onicorp and Zhuarev it's companies with military power that has been allied a many years ago, but zhuarev stolen the most revolutionary aircraft prototype, the zyriva canryy aircraft, after this, Onicorp start a war with ZRV, and finally loosing all the economic, political and military power, when all supose onicorp dead, still existing a little building, in the middle of a dessert island, where the remaining onicorp workers and military forces starts the star project, only one weapon that can fulminate their enemies with only ''one unit'' this prototype have the name of XR-1 Oni with this... Onicorp rise many steps more that every military force in the world, when onicorp put down zhuarev, it was only the begining...