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My roblox profile

Things about me.

I like transportation, its my favorite thing.
Sometimes I try not to be so toxic to other people because I get so mad easily

My favorite aircraft list

Favorite games I like:


FNF (Friday night funkin)

Sky on fire 1940

The things I like:
Messing around in simpleplanes
Playing roblox 24/7 a day (my eyes aren't red)
eh idk
Things I hate
Toxic people (am trying to be kalm)

don't read my previous usernames please don't fucking don't am begging you

Previously known as WinterTaylor, TheMrPilotMan, PhoenixWolfie, TankmanNewgrounds, BerdBuild, Handompo, NormieHandopo, DodgeyDodger, SanderiteFlyer, ShinkansenGuy, LolProGamerMove, RobloxMan, EpicBullDog