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Status: Always active but I rarely even feel intrested in uploading a build

My roblox profile

Things about me.

I like transportation, its my favorite thing.
Sometimes I try not to be so toxic to other people because I get so mad easily

My favorite aircraft list

Favorite games I like:

Simpleplanes (why not?)


FNF (Friday night funkin)

Sky on fire 1940

Gunship WW2 (formerly Wings Of Glory)

Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

Simple Sandbox 2

The things I like:
Messing around in simpleplanes
Making planes (duh lol)
Playing roblox 24/7 a day (my eyes aren't red)
The things I hate:
Toxic people (am trying to be kalm)
People stupidly hating my favorite things as a action
Being offended/embarrassed

don't read my previous usernames please don't fucking don't am begging you

Previously known as WinterTaylor, TheMrPilotMan, PhoenixWolfie, TankmanNewgrounds, BerdBuild, Handompo, NormieHandopo, DodgeyDodger, SanderiteFlyer, ShinkansenGuy, LolProGamerMove, RobloxMan, EpicBullDog, YellowThing