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Hello Guys..

I'm a plane editor. I make a planes from scratch and make the similar ones . Nice to meet you
Hobby : play games, listen to the music, read some slice of life comics and watch anime
My favorite games: SimplePlanes, WoTB
My favorite color : red, blue Artic, black, white, teal, red sakura
My favorite Waifu: Komi Shouko
Our fictional company

My best planes

S-381HM V4
S-381HM V5
S-383S-Q Shinbi
S-383G-Q Geumbi
S-383 N2 Nobita
S-383 SM Shizuka

Komi Can't Communicate Squadron(25th December and so on)

S-383K Shouko
S-383T Hitohito
S-383A Himiko
S-383O Najimi
S-383R Yamai
S-383Y Makeru
S-383N Omoharu

Well, Since She has lots of friends, so Stay Tuned

Airlines Coming Soon (wait for the end of April 2022)

N-3.4M (tomorrow)
N-3.4M K (tonight)

“Because we do not beg for freedom, we fight for it.” — Witold Urbanowicz (Ace Fighter)

Silver reached at 22/04/2021

Follow our SPCS server
Skipper Chat? Go here
Anime Server? Yeah, that's I like it at most especially about Komi-san

Previously known as Xiaoexe141