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My name is Xamesria, or as some people call me "Xam" or "Xames". My username definitely doesn't have a meaning...

I am just a regular Filipino dude who likes aviation, astronomy, and other military stuff. I'm very active in Discord, you would regularly see me chatting and chilling and perhaps trolling at the SPCS Discord server, lot of fun people there. I'm also an admin at UnSA Discord server (Filipino SP server), and moderator at SimplyPlanes (Wallaby's server).

My Discord: Xamesria#2539

I'm not really active at the website since (I'm lazy) I don't have enough time and motivation to actually build something big, but I am planning to make some stuff though. Not that great skills in building.


List of stuff I'm planning to make:

Fiat G.91YS
Some AT-502 wannabe

Kalkert Ka-430
Siebel Si 204
TF-86 Sabre
Gotha Go 244
F-7U Cutlass
De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide
Fokker D.XVII

Might add more stuff to the list, idk.

Previously known as XMS0027, XamesriaAerospace