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  • Idiots 4.7 years ago

    It’s all good dude. Those are the types of people who will grow up and amount to nothing. Just be glad you have a cool hobby and don’t let anyone take that away from you. If you’re lucky you’ll get into some of the higher level classes (If your school does that) and not have to deal with ignorant people anymore.

  • Goodbye 4.9 years ago

    Hope everything goes smoothly, good luck!

  • Dear Haters. 4.9 years ago

    If the Ugandan knuckles meme is “racist” then I expect everyone to stop building WW2 Era replicas of German planes

  • It's My Birthday 3.7 years ago

    Your birthdays March 18th? So’s mine! Happy early birthday!

  • A Game Security Weakness 4.2 years ago

    This happened about a year ago. A player was using an IP switcher to create multiple accounts and then post hate messages. If I remember correctly, the devs traced one of the IP's (I'm no tech wizard so I may be wrong) and sent the police to investigate. It stopped shortly after. Fun Fact: This is why you need an email to post comments now.

  • Just an interesting high school thing 4.6 years ago

    I can’t believe your school is like that, I thought that kind of stuff only happened here in the US! I saw your comment about what happened during Black History Month at your school and that event actually sounds like it was extremely racist towards people of African descent and not educational at all. Just to clarify, my stance is that everyone has their own problems no matter where they're from or how much wealth they were born with.

  • Kerbal Space Program Or SR2 4.7 years ago

    Ksp is definitely worth it! It can be hard to play when you start out though so I recommend watching this guy if you need help!
    As for SR2, I would wait to see what it’s like. I’ll probably only get it on my IPhone and not my laptop, unless it’s as good as KSP, no offfense to the devs.

  • No more airliner cockpit parts, and no more helpings/testings 4.8 years ago

    It’s all good dude. It’s hard to help people when you feel unappreciated.

  • Problem with this site.. 4.8 years ago

    Quit it with the name calling guys, this dude is just voicing his opinion. No need to start an argument. @Awsomur @Blue0Bull @Tully2001

  • Dear Haters. 4.9 years ago

    The act of removing German WW2 era replicas of planes is racist or the planes themselves are racist? What I meant by WW2 German planes is that a lot of them have swastikas on them and are controversial to SOME people. I personally don’t care if these planes are on the site as long as they are built for historical accuracy. However some people have made these extremely controversial planes AND are complaining about this meme being racist, which is hypocritical and plain wrong. Also, the arguing point isn’t if the meme is bad, it’s if the meme is racist. @Axartar

  • How Is Everyone? one year ago

    Thanks man! Also, the detailed interiors are amazing. People were just getting into really making good ones when I stopped playing. I see you make a lot if AOT stuff, should I get back into watching it? @CrimsonOnigiri

  • For those who want to be like Elon 4.1 years ago

    @BACconcordepilot Its obviously Doug Dimmadome

  • If SimplePlanes was made by EA 4.1 years ago

    Should have made fuselages a dlc item lol

  • A-4 Skyhawk V3.0 4.1 years ago

    Thank you! @Mustang51

  • BIIIIIIG UPDATE PICS 4.1 years ago

    Looking good! I definitely need to play with that Fer De Lance!

  • The logic of these new "Lock Down Drills" 4.5 years ago

    The reason they don't have everyone leave during lock downs is because trying to move 100's of students out of a building at once doesn't work very well. Think about how crowded it is trying to get out of the building during a fire drill and imagine that during a shooting. Our school has kind of solved this problem by having certain parts of the building leave depending on where the threat is, but it's still a lot safer to stay in the classroom and try to defend yourselves.

  • Drawing my plane 4.6 years ago

    Nice! I can't even draw a straight line so I'd say your drawing skills are pretty good

  • National Museum Of the USAF Highlights... 4.8 years ago

    I believe you can actually see it in the pic of the B-2, if I remember correctly that is the actual SR-71 @Botfinder

  • National Museum Of the USAF Highlights... 4.8 years ago

    Nice! I live about an hour away so I’ve been there a couple of times, it’s amazing every time!

  • my cat passed away. 4.8 years ago

    Hope you’re alright man. To this day I still tear up when I think about my dogs, both were actually older than me and passed away a couple of years ago. I took it pretty hard considering they’d been around since before I was born. Just know that your cat is at peace and no longer in pain. It’s ok to feel sad, pets aren’t “just” animals.

  • Goodbye 4.8 years ago

    Take care man, you’ve been here for a while and I’ve always thought you were petty cool

  • Dear Haters. 4.8 years ago

    I see that you refuse to understand basic logic (which by the way partially agreed with you) and will no longer continue this pointless argument. I will leave you with some final questions: Is talking in a British accent racist? Is talking in an American accent racist? If not then why is talking in a Ugandan accent racist? @Axartar

  • “Y’all must be mistaken.” 4.9 years ago

    Sorenova is truly one of the greatest YouTuber’s of all time

  • What are some tips on making detailed planes? 5.2 years ago

    Build the plane first, then add the detail. Also NEVER mirror the entire plane or you’ll get duplicates and your part count will skyrocket.

  • Flaps functionality question. 5.2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure they create drag, but I don't know if they create more lift as well. I've seen a lot of builds use them though, so I would assume flaps do work in-game.

  • Who's your favorite character in game's 6.2 years ago

    The Master Chief or Buck from Halo 3: ODST

  • Multiplayer for sp pic and ios 6.3 years ago

    A couple of users are working on a mod for it

  • BTL Y-Wing Starfighter (Gold Build) 6.4 years ago

    Thanks! I actually built this back when I used mobile. I couldn't nudge the wings to make it fly right and had to actually place them. @plainguy

  • Website Suggestion 6.7 years ago

    I don't see the benefit of the website telling you who is online. However if something like chat boxes were implemented then it would be very useful.

  • Modded Bombs 6.9 years ago

    Frant24 is accepting mod requests, if you are interested

  • How Is Everyone? one year ago

    Ich sehe, dass Sie Englisch sprechen (glaube ich), aber ich werde mein Bestes tun, um dies auf Deutsch auszudrücken. Soweit es sich lohnt, werden die Dinge im Laufe der Zeit wirklich besser und es hilft, wenn Sie mit jemandem darüber sprechen, was in Ihrem Leben vor sich geht.

    Sorry if this translated poorly. I speak absolutely zero German. @Nerfaddict

  • How Is Everyone? one year ago

    Its going well, but stressful as always. @X99STRIKER

  • How Is Everyone? one year ago

    Lmao I had to read through your posts to get the joke but thats actually hilarious. @KnightOfRen

  • Your Favorite WW2 Plane 1.9 years ago

    No @Sebyace

  • What Plane Should I build? 2.4 years ago

    Why did you @ a user who has been inactive for two years on an almost 5 year old forum post? Sorry I don't get on this site that much anymore. @ChamDel7

  • How do I unblock someone? 2.4 years ago

    I don't even remember that user, is he trying to contact me? I'm unsure why I blocked him if I did. @Homerboi

  • Vote For My Next Halo Build #2 2.9 years ago

    Thanks man! If I ever do get around to it ill make sure to let you know! @Shnippy

  • Vote For My Next Halo Build #2 2.9 years ago

    Nice XD, i haven't played this game in forever but im still active on the forums every now and then. Maybe ill come back and build something soon to finally get to platinum. Now you got me thinking about how i was a freshman in HS when i made this forum post and now im graduating in just a few months. Time really flies! @Shnippy

  • XML Mod Request 3.4 years ago

    This was back when I was on mobile and overload didn’t even exist I’m pretty sure. Thank you though! @cedblox332

  • UNSC PELICAN AT-88 with M12 WARTHOG 3.8 years ago

    Love this! Can’t believe you used my warthog I built almost 3 years ago too!

  • Weather be on crack rn... 3.8 years ago

    It was -30 including wind chill up here in Ohio today

  • Ideas For Future Updates 4.2 years ago

    This post is also 2.3 years old... @PvPSky

  • Aviation Museum! 4.3 years ago

    If you can make the trip you should definitely come up to Ohio and check out the National Museum of the USAF!

  • I HAVE A GOOD QUESTION 4.4 years ago

    2: UHM ACTUALLY the nearest star system to ours, Alpha Centauri, is a triple star system. So it’s a sun with a sun with ANOTHER sun!

  • Probably not going to be active these coming weeks 4.4 years ago

    I play on Xbox :( I would like to get a PC eventually but for now I’m just going to stick with it since most of my friends play it. I don’t really have anyone to play elite with either. @BaconEggs

  • Probably not going to be active these coming weeks 4.4 years ago

    I see you bought yourself a Krait MK 2 as well. I made the mistake of thinking I could decently upgrade mine for only about 20 mil (it’s my first 40M+ ship I’ve tried to upgrade), I was very wrong.

  • What you think about this variable sweep wings plane? 4.5 years ago

    Nice! I’ve never seen a swing wing that transforms into a sort of full delta wing like that!

  • You can copy my Homework.... 4.5 years ago

    You should add the space shuttle and the Buran!

  • Space launch 4.6 years ago

    They will be attempting again I believe at 4:12 PM EDT, same time as yesterday, if you’re talking about the Block 5.