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Currently having trouble building because every jet I make ends up turning into an A-4

Hello there

Long live Avalon!

Just some weirdo who never checks the forums and is completely oblivious to anything that happens.
I'm a American who's addicted to aerospace and a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol.
In my free time I usually play video games, attempt to draw, or mess around with legos. I’ll usually play Ace Combat on the ps2, SimpleRockets2, SimplePlanes, From the Depths, and sometimes a bit of Minecraft, Roblox, From the Depths, and C&C Red Alert 3.

I started to get into the whole big part count fancy pants plane thing, but I cant really get them to work the way I want them to, and I just don't really feel like it, so I just kinda stick with more simple builds now. I love Cold War jets.

I suspect SupremeDorian was previously a USAF officer and did some job related to the EC-121 Warning Star or had a close family member who worked on/with that aircraft

yey two years!

My SimpleRockets2 account

The list

Please note: I am in no way related to the Wisconsin State Patrol. My actions, ideas, and opinions do not reflect those of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Previously known as Cabbage17