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Wow your actually reading this Hi I originally found out about this game by CamodoGaming and then saw it in the App Store 1 year later then I made planes and then ground vehicles so hey if I don’t credit you it’s because I don’t how to. Simple Plane or Ground Vehicle Kid. You might want to look under the POST category because some of my planes and stuffs are not on profile front page (I’m 10 and my name is James)-(I’m German, Russian and 1% American I speak English good tho)

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Current Projects

ZUT-37 SPAA (Done

SU-57B “Russian Hetzer” (Done

YaG-10K (29K) (Done

T-80 (done


Phòng không T-34 SPAA, AAA

SU-85A (done

SU-76D (done

Pz.Kpfw. Churchill (done

Brummbär (Done

Breda 501

I also take requests I’m to lazy and sleepy to credit on all of my builds so I credit everyone of my builds

Previously known as Jam14