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Simulation Theory Basically Proven by me You're welcome.

My builds (many if not most require instructions):

Poppa Ed
Mall Walkin' Mikey
Mikey's Birthday Party Wagon - Rally Challenge Entry (though not a rally car, just built to handle off road and be fun)

Peacetown - Scale(ish) chunks of a town (212m×212m each)
With Cars
Peacetown Southwest
Peacetown Southeast
Peacetown Northeast
Without Cars
Northeast Section
Southeast Section
Southwest Section
Peacetown House Subassemblies
Peacetown Vehicle Subassemblies
Peacetown Miscellaneous Subassemblies
Peace1 - The original (aaaalmost successful) 529m×447m monstrosity (got me new ideas to try again too)

Peterbilt 359
The Supreme Alphadential Tank of Abdominus Pecs the Rad - Future Tank Challenge Entry - Poorly made tank with awesome detachable/reattachable darty targeting and recon drone -
Twenty Meters in Twentieths of a Meter - Functional yardstick for those who can't have the Yardstick mod (like me)

Platform Jet (underrated Light Fighter, best version is part of the Tactical Jet Launcher)
1up Platform Jet VTOL Mach 1.9
Platform Jet Air-to-Ground
Platform Jet Progression - Multiple early epiphanies
Platform Jet - Original (very early)

Flying Launch Platform
Flying Launch Platform - With independently launching jets
Flying Launch Platform - Original (Before Overload/Fine Tuner and basic knowledge)

Tactical Jet Launcher - Platform Jet launching from a truck
The A-Team Van(1983 GMC Vandura)

Abombination B-20e Multiplayer Bomber - Seven-person bomber for Multiplayer
Abombination B20e Multiplayer Bomber - Bomber with six player-manned turrets built for the Multiplayer mod (Read Instructions)
Abombination B20e Turrets - Manually attached manned turrets (Read instructions)
Crane - Original, inefficient and unthorough (but fun!) way of attaching Abombination turrets (definitely read instructions)

Wartown Gameboard -Prototype city defense minigame made for Multiplayer (maybe has potential)
Semi-articulating Dummy - Unfinished human-scaled dummy that I never figured out how to program
Al Harrington's Wacky Wavey Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse
Convoy Killer 2.0
Poor Kid's Assault Robot Action Figure - Before I knew walkers were a thing (with REAL AIMING ACTION!)
Pogo Ball - Before I knew anything about scaling

toostrongfliesgoood.1 - Very early successful attempt at a fast stock plane
2strong2fliesgood - The pointless and inevitable overweaponed successor

Emergency AF-1 - Air Force One - in case of emergency
EAF - Filename for a jet with a similar body to Emergency AF-1. Will eventually serve basic purpose as Platform Jet.

Chibi 262.1 - Cute 262 I liked that didn't fly so I made it fly
Illuminati Rising - My first post and I think third thing I ever built

Literally me, my boy J.C. said "be like the Fool," not "be like the fool," and he's a beggar.... man oh man....
People, this man here is Z Herald of the currently developing Return and Revelation of Jesus Christ, a General in God's coming army, and totally pissed at the hearts of approximately... oh.... 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999% of humanity, stealing the ideas, credit, money, belongings and the lives of those better than you, and the crushing oppression, repression, denials and beatings at your hands.
AAA1, 0, 22 says FU!
Numerology sites used to be the same and calculated me as 22, now they all have different numbers (smells like DESTINY to me!).
Astrology has me as Aries, who prefers Mars (but I call Ram sometimes), and he's my non-sexual Hetero-Domestic Life Partner (not at all gay like on Scrubs).

Also: Nathaniel Neveryman, Mantheon, Munky, Deth, Nano, etc. etc.

Previously known as DickBrazen