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WalrusAircraft is a Father / Son team. Walrus Sr. is a software manager and Walrus Jr. is an high school student. Walrus senior's hobby is building / tinkering with his track tuned Evo X. Walrus Jr. enjoys playing the Cello and plays section leader in the orchestra. We were early adopters in this game, and have spent a lot of quality time together as a result. Walrus senior’s long term goals are to upgrade his short block and push his Evo up to rod bustin’ bladder releasin’ torque levels, and Jr's goals are to eventually get into Mechanical Engineering or play music professionally. Walrus Senior’s aspires to have his son become obsessed with high horsepower small displacement turbo rally cars and four-wheel drifting, and Walrus Jr. desires his father learn an instrument that is more civilized than the recorder or slapping two pieces of 2x4 together. We both live in Super America (Texas).