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  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 1.5 years ago

    Funky-tree-control wheel brake.

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 1.5 years ago

    Improve damage effect of Rotors.

    The hinge and rotors will flip over like 180 degree when other parts of the aircraft got hit. Especially landing gear, every time it was hit, it flip to the surface of the wing, that’s weird.

  • IL-76 2.9 years ago


  • PAK DA 10 months ago


  • FLAK Tower (Target) 2.6 years ago

    I think it is a good idea to start a target challenge.

  • Yak-38 3.8 years ago

    You need to write a description.
    VTOL up: VTOL mod
    AG7=fold wings

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 1.3 years ago

    How is the engines’ RPM number works?

    Why the later-installed engine became Rpm1 engine?

    Can someone PLS PLS PLS tell me.

    It’s driving me crazy.

  • SPVR - Wasp 1.4 years ago

    I have two questions.
    Is the switch custom or new part?
    Will the switch still can be function manually if it have a complex FT code?

  • New tag for custom-built, highly detailed cockpits 1.5 years ago

    Almost all my creation can have this tag. Lol.

  • I-400 Operate Instruction 2.0 years ago

    It’s coming soon.

  • Hovercraft Dynamic Cushion 2.3 years ago

    Thanks, it’s actually looks much more smooth from further due to the black color.@jamesPLANESii

  • B-29 SuperFortress 1.3 years ago

    What they do is already patriotic.
    I don’t think is it necessary to require them to paint their “honor” on it.
    Also, the aircraft is more like a girl friend to the boys not just a machine.

  • Shenyang FC-31 Gyrfalcon 31001 2.8 years ago


  • AI B-2 (49 parts) 4.9 years ago

    Thanks! It flys well ,too. Hope you like it.@Gestour

  • Marvel’s Zephyr One 5.2 years ago


  • RSF 9 months ago


  • Jundroo turns 10 years old today 9 months ago

    6th year in SP

  • B-29 Superfortress Teaser 1.3 years ago

    you bet

  • USCG AS565 PANTHER (unfinished) 1.4 years ago

    Very beautiful helicopter, looking forward to release.
    The rotor rotate too slow and looks fake, I know adding rotors to increase RPM will cause struturelize problem but I wish it could be faster.

  • SPVR Update - Gauges 1.5 years ago

    Can’t imagine how cool would it be filling all these on flight engineer’s dash wall.

  • SPVR Update - Gauges 1.5 years ago


  • Do anyone have a snow mod? 1.9 years ago

    It's seems possible to make snow in sp but i'm actually looking for a more functional one like the ocean mod.@BagelPlane

  • MI-171 helicopter 2.0 years ago


  • Bell UH-1D Huey Gunship 2.0 years ago

    Looking good but still have some flight problem.

  • Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 2.4 years ago

    The new v22 will have 2weapons, new glass window, new flight modle , new one-button folding system, realistic prop perfromance (wing hidden inside), new cocpit interior.....@WIZARD2017

  • Simple HSI 2.5 years ago

    Thank you guys!@JOEMAMA07 @Brencool35 @RaendyLeBeau

  • [10K]PLA J-10 A 2.0 2.6 years ago


  • Airbus A340-600 2.8 years ago

    This is actually very nice, I think it should have something like 40 or 50 votes.

  • B-29 with XF-85 2.9 years ago


  • Dogfight 3.7 years ago

    You got good skills in making videos.

  • Transfer Crane 3.8 years ago

    It looks like the one in Georgopol PUBG lol.

  • Spitfire F Mk IX 4.0 years ago

    Thanks for your feed back!
    The picture you post is a spit Mk22, what I built is a spit F Mk IX.
    The Mk22's tail is much bigger than the F Mk IX's, the tail shape and the ailerons shape is different either. The error do exsit but I'm sure it's not that big. Hope you can check it again.
    The flaps can makes it land 10mph lower when you're driving your plane in the limit of low speed (maybe won't feel much in hi speed) and the drag is abslutely increased. The parts won't don't work, isn't it?
    The trimming problem I think it is a bug. When the pointer got up, the elevators up too in my here. Pic1 Pic2
    The weight's problem is I mean to do it. When the weight is lower than 30k lbs, the gradienter's pointer will shake (bug problem), so I added the weight.
    The wing area is not so important actually in my opinion it just the "wing'' part's section and it's even hidden, the performance and the shape is the most important.

  • My Ornithopter 4.1 years ago

    Works well on my phone with low physic 😎😎

  • EB-29B with XF-85 9 months ago

    Looking good

  • MI-24D HIND 10 months ago

    power is kinda weak but not bad tho

  • AH-1Z Viper 11 months ago

    blades are too short

  • Final B-17G forum teaser one year ago

    very much details
    how's the damage model,btw

  • B-29 Superfortress Teaser 1.3 years ago

    4 thing I need to mind you:
    1.The skin need to connect to a “glass” before connect to the frame or the explode of the skin will destroy the frame no matter how high the frame’s health is.
    2. I recommend reduce the skin’s heath to 50 so it can be destroy easily and the frame can have 10000+.
    3.The rotors will be not function when other parts were destroyed, so even if your plane is still completed the control will be very difficult.
    4. This will cost a lot of parts.


  • VRuilding Challenges 1.3 years ago

    Only mobile friendly aircraft can enter this challenge?

  • B-29 Building Progress 1.3 years ago

    After v1.11 officially publish.@T57HEAVY

  • B-29 Building Progress 1.3 years ago

    Check the update.@F1849

  • B-29 Building Progress 1.5 years ago

    Yes, with airborne turret code.
    And the turret will have auto & manual mode by switching AGs.

  • Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero 1.5 years ago


  • B-29 Building Progress 1.6 years ago

    There will be a little boy at the bomb bay.@Numbers2

  • Type 96 AA gun bundle 1.8 years ago

    You mean turning is 25 degree and pitching is 25?@MrShenanigans

  • Vortex Hovercraft 1.8 years ago

    Oh my, memories.

  • Help Wanted 1.9 years ago

    Why don't you try this.

  • I-400 Submarine Carrier 2.0 years ago

    Thank you!!@Reeeeeeeeeeee45 @IdnManufacturer

  • Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless 2.0 years ago

    Can I use this as a target for my new submarine teaser?