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  • Should i delete my acount? 1.8 years ago

    Build and vote, be part of the community. Exchange opinions in aerodynamic designs and combine empirical application for sciences with constructions. That is the true gain in this program

  • SPE-Orbidyn Corvidae 1.7 years ago

    One of the most intriguing descriptions in the site and as always great idea . Congrats

  • The bionic bird 1.8 years ago

    I love ornithopters, I think you have done a good job on the mechanisms, just to fly you need a little better stabilization in the tail, one way is to make tail like "v", so they act as a vertical stabilizer, also take a look at CoM, maybe it will help you to be somewhat farther from CoL.

  • help pls 1.9 years ago

    Take the screenshot with print screen, edit it and add any text or Photoshop effect you like, download designer suite mod, add the picture on the orthographic function and take the final picture like you do on regular share-upload .

  • NPAS Odyn 8 months ago

    In a world of boring repetitive cheap copies of fighters, your helicopter really stands out. It does not matter if it is realistic or if it flies well (which flies really well) because it's just special! Υou are the antidote to the mania of sterile copy that has taken over the site. Congrats

  • Aichi S2A Denko (Mobile) 1.6 years ago

    gears please

  • Awful news for aviation today 1.6 years ago

    There is a lesson there. Never force a take off,basic rule for everyone, experienced or not.

  • Variable wing 1.7 years ago

    Very interesting and realistic, gives another prospective to the program. Congratulations it's great. I have 2 questions, I must add new normal wings after I finish the construction of variable , and if I make a variable wing airplane will another user without the mod will be able to use it without the mod? Again congratulations

  • F/A-87 Filibuster 1.8 years ago

    There are so many positives to it. First of all it's your design, the cockpit with the mirrors provides great visuals, the doors are fantastic and the amount of the weapons is amazing. A little more work in flight behavior and it would be unique. Great effort, keep up the good work

  • UH-60 Black Hawk 1.8 years ago

    Very good effort, keep up the good work. Helicopters have fantastic physics when they work properly. In my opinion they don't need gyros, it spoils their realistic flight.

  • General Dynamics F-16C 1.8 years ago

    Nice work ! Greetings from Greece, it's nice to meet someone from the neighbourhood.

  • Ultralight trike 1.9 years ago

    Oh dude, it is not bad ! It can actually fly better than most ultralights that i have seen in SP. And only with 50 parts... Good CoM , very nice try to make a funcional cockpit at your level ! I will vote and spotlight, keep up the great work

  • Is This Game Dead? 1.6 years ago

    I am using the site and the programm for almost half a year , so I am relative new . If you treat SP like a game then you will bored soon, but if you use it as an opportunity for applied physics and a spotlight for the noble idea of aviation it won't matter how many votes will you get. I thing that the community is changing to more realistic and educational activities witch is something really good . As example there is a new tag in forum with scientific articles (look the latest text on aircraft engines) . This community is powered from creativity and romantic relationship with aviation and these are time lasting virtues .

  • EF-45H Gecko HAF 1.7 years ago

    I assure you that the geopolitical role play is not the only exeptionall thing in this aircraft. If u download and use this fictional model you will notice amazing details. From the flawless weapon system to the last light, all have a purpose there. This plane is probably the most-anticipated and well tested plane in the site. Congratulations this is a truly unique platinum build.

  • SIMPLE Plane 1.7 years ago

    Sometimes we forget that simplicity is a virtue. Although it has only 38 pieces it is almost excellent. If it were less agile it would be perfectly realistic. He definitely deserves my vote and a headlight. Have fun and let us from time to time, to stay simple and humble. Happy flights

  • Cessna 192 Skyfalcon 1.7 years ago

    Hey this is very good ! Flies realistic, little faster than the real one but close enough . Deserve a spotlight. Hope to see more general aviation models. Keep up the good work .

  • Curtiss C-46 Everts Air Cargo 1.7 years ago

    Very beautiful with true flight characteristics. I hope we see more civilian aircraft like yours

  • Unpopular opinion 1.9 years ago

    In my opinion, it is polite to try the airplane and not simply vote. Also, the comment should also have something about how it flies from the aerodynamic point of view. No one asks what is the Stall Speed, ​​or how much drag it has. Let us encourage such discussions besides - thank you, very nice and cool...
    I will vote for it so that other people can see it and also express themselves

  • No More Featured Posts? 1.9 years ago

    We are still waiting the winners of @EternalDarkens challenge or did we had someone and i lost it?

  • Winners of the Water and Air Challenge 2.0 years ago

    Congrats it was fun !

  • Can Someone Please Specify What the Electric SP Tag Means/Includes? 2.1 years ago

    Weĺl to be honest, I also think that planes that are tagged as electric should have alternative means of propulsion without gas. Because where else can you tagg them? You can build a electric jet with rotators and honestly It will be faster to a plane with a normal jet engine. And yes stol n thunder it's not really electric by this definition.

  • Macchi M.C.200 Saetta 2.1 years ago

    For the lovers of history, this was a fantastic plane that bravely fought in the Balkans. Italy had a clear overpower, and the only pursuers that were almost equal to it were 9 Greek Bloch MB.151. If you like more authenticity i made some screenshots with a Greek PZL P24...

  • Monster Twin Sixteen 2.1 years ago

    No way ! You made this ? Fantastic and only 1 upvote. What goes wrong with these people? And the lights...wow. Great work, how i get it started?

  • Proof of concept: Flying Wing with no vertical surfaces 1.4 years ago

    If you make a flying wing with some dihedral you will decrease the slip phenomenon related with the lack of rudder. Happy flights.

  • TK-5 1.5 years ago

    Its actually very original, great work.

  • Quick build my zz... 1.5 years ago

    Well you know all models are difficult, it depends on how much detail you want to put into them. For example ailerons and elevators are quite different in reality from the way they are created here. In fact they are probably hanging on a axis driven by levers and wires (about 5-8 pieces instead of just one rotor). But this is the joy of the program...researching something, not just copying drawings.

  • Featured aircraft be like 1.5 years ago

    Yes I noticed that. It's over a week , I was wondering if there is a change in sp policy. By the way who get the features ?

  • The effects of aviation travel on the human body. Part One. 1.7 years ago

    @Thelegitpilot13 Thanks, I hope the other two pieces are equally interesting
    @CrashFighter05 At least at sea level is warm, at 8000 feet you should have a very good jacket.
    @PositivePlanes LOL :-)

  • Bad news 1.7 years ago

    @randomusername oh boy rents are high in the US, in Greece u can find a very nice apartment with view and 2 bedrooms from 500 euros.

  • AW-109 EKAB Greek MedEvac 1.8 years ago

    @randomusername First upvote ! Τhank you so much you are truly excellent and original manufacturer. Happy flights

  • Kitfox 5 Series STi #FreedomFox 1.8 years ago

    I'm glad I managed to test your heavy construction. It was definitely worth it, from the vortex generators and the flap joints to the details of the rear wheel, everything was great. Thank you for giving us your love for aviation in your way. Wish to had more votes to give

  • DesignerSuite 1.8 years ago

    @AtlasSP Yes the problem persists, i can add connections but locally and i can't choose any part to connect them except the most close to it. It seems the the recent version has some issues. @WNP78

  • Ultralight Challenge! CLOSED! 1.8 years ago

    It was a wonderful competition. Congratulations to all, winners or not, innovation and creativity is the main goal of this program and this challenge was a fine example of it. Happy flights

  • HSI. XF-143 TB 1.8 years ago

    What ? still not ready? so who cares... handles perfectly, with fantastic control surfaces and great air brakes. Also what is not shown in the photo, the aircraft is made of a real skeleton with many panels. He has a lot of work! Deserves a vote and a spotlight.

  • You will only partially regret clicking this(Teaser) 1.8 years ago

    So... no main theme, right? I am joking all of them are great !
    How many parts so far for the harrier? Νotify me when it's ready

  • Puffin-Urban Transportation 1.8 years ago

    @Keml Yes i know, in Athens we have 41 degrees Celsius. Well we need more time in the beach !

  • Just 103 Solo-X 1.9 years ago

    To build something very fast is easy-even briks can fly with a rocket motor, but to make a stable aircraft at 78mph that needs skills ! I LOVE the ultralight category and you my friend have made, again ,a very good representative ! Congratulations

  • PZL-Mielec M-18 Agricultural Aircraft [TEASER] 1.9 years ago

    I have something for your research. A video from Kalamata in Greece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnQ5ndeNSL4.

  • Mechanical bird ornithopter 1.9 years ago

    Fantastic creation ! It became one of my vavorites
    The mechanism is similar to the one that moves the diplopters (bees etc.). It's really well made. The feet are magnificent, could be also a spring for take off. Could you give me some flight instructions? Ηow do you imagine it flying better?

  • Sick Flying Car 2.0 years ago

    it really flies! Congrats

  • Nostalgia 2.0 years ago

    @ChiyomiAnzai let's say that I am old enough to understand the difference between nostalgia and a meme. 😛😎

  • 'Quora' MF-1 Talos 2.0 years ago

    Low part count ? Until now my heavier build had 230 parts....

  • Anisoptera I 2.0 years ago

    @spefyjerbf Yes, when they move vertical it is logical to change the air speed (and pressure) on each side of the wing. But when the move horizontally? Also i believe that thrust has an another algorithm in SP for calculate, because circular movement in the wings does not produce thrust in the Y axis. Anyway fantastic idea ! I declare fan of your work :-)

  • Figured out a way to see into the past 2.0 years ago

    @ChiyomiAnzai Well there are distortions in the light, and if you go far enough, probably you may not have a return at all . Remember light is made by photons and they are subject to the the same forces of gravity like any other particles. Just a thought...

  • Electromagnetic Airplane! 2.0 years ago

    In fact, here we have a very interesting constant speed engine with a hydraulic variable pitch. Indeed it works well enough and perhaps in my humble opinion it did not even need the control surface on the propeller, but the sound is quite difficult to hear for quite some time.
    Congratulations on completing the integration, I could ask why do you think that when flying it keeps so high speed with so low rotations?

  • Story Writing Contest/Challenge 2.1 years ago

    Yuri Gararin
    The geopolitical post-Cold War controversy continues to expand as America tries to eliminate the trade isolation that has led Asia's population and technological development. Its policy is to stop China's commercial development and cooperation with Russia by removing the trade routes that extend into Europe. On the land, more and more Warsaw Pact countries are now controlled by the West, and in sea, America controls the northern Pacific Ocean and the exit to the sea of ​​Japan. Population boom in India combined with technology diffusion across the planet, clearly transfered the trade balance in the east. But unfortunately without the control of commercial roads, America would be skimming any growth.
    After the fall of communism and the bankruptcy of Russia, the situation has changed a lot, its GDP with gas sales has grown eightfold and its obsolete arsenal is radicalized. Secret contacts started with China and India, belonging to the countries most affected by American invasion, and a change of strategy is decided. America's dominance in trade is clearly due to its overpowering in the Sea and Air.In order to change this situation, drastic measures have to be taken, so far the strategy was the offshore war with the infiltration of large formations with nuclears, but they had to go to the next stage to create a large flying base, that could directly control an area key to world trade...the Malaysian Straits !
    In Europe a country had begun to take the scepter from the declining Germany, France, which was developing an innovative industry based on rare earths that China had to a large extent, so it could not be left unpaid. Although it did not directly contradict America, it sent technology and resources to the new alliance. A new instrument for "Peace" and control of "Terrorism" was soon announced. A flying aircraft carrier named by the Hero of Humanity Yuri Gagarin.
    The new vessel was armed with electromagnetic rail guns that could direct projectiles at unpredictable speed and soon took a course for...Singapore.

  • Brave-Surfer 2.1 years ago

    @hobbitfrog sure I am very interested to see what else can we make. Please tagg me when it is ready or make it as a successor so I can follow it. Happy flights !

  • The Wave Rider 2.1 years ago

    Oh very nice.

  • Vostok-1 58th anniversary 2.1 years ago

    Hope humanity will someday unite under scientific exploration... Great work !

  • DPS-TXHybrid [Prototype II] [No fuel, 100% Electric] 2.1 years ago

    Very nice. I think this plane is very well weighted and can fly without a gyroscope, you unfair yourself. You did a good job with the engines, they can actually stop now. If you set the minimum value to 0 (from -50000) you would have had a more direct response. I loved how you made the propellers adjustable, you can go back this way.Particularly useful if you want to stop at a small airport. This is called a variable pitch propeller and is fully applicable to ships. Also, if you have as variable "throttle" instead of VTOL, you can control how fast you are traveling, a problem which I did not foresee when I did the brave surfer. Congratulations !