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Previously known as XwireIndustries.
A 14years Old Student From China
I am definitely a fool, out of SimplePlane plane building. I am Crazy about air craft.
I'm the head of City Air Theme R & D department.

Now simpleplanes is just a part of my life, I nearly can't without it, just like fish cannot without water.

My bilibili channel

People always say that I was the one who is the best competitor for the guy make SWL-10, but I have a friend that make the same grade of detail level,
I am very honored to introduce my trusted friend:


I am interested in making Unity games, my dream is to make a game called Valkyrie that just like Resident Evil.

I want to bring everyone happy, so I make my posts.

I won't awkward for my profile picture, because I'm an ACG lover.
I'm a homo, but not that mean, you can scearch 1145141919810 or ?????? on Chinese webside. It's a stalk.
I'm also a philosopher, it's another stalk arounds van, Billy?Herrington, MU?JI, and Banana?bro. Do not play this two stalk together.

Previously known as XwireIndustries